WordPress Pimp

I finally gave in to the WordPress Pimp!

And on the day that I decided to redecorate my Blogger, too. Talk about time wasted! I already blogged there today and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t a good post instead of the useless crap I usually put up there. (Shameless Plug of my Other Post: Read it here!)

But this chicka right here is persistent & my old blog not only hated me, but it hated everyone else, too. God Bless Retta for coming by, reading my senselessness and commenting even though her comments would be mysteriously deleted or some other magical blog-fuckery would happen.

You’re a good friend!! *Pats you on the head & gives you a much deserved cookie*

Found on Flickr. Credit to Nick^D

You’re getting the blog love all over the place today aren’t you, Retta? I saw it here, too!! <—Another plug. I like to do that.

Not only are you the pimp, but you’re the Blog Whore, too. ❤ 😀 That’s talent.

Thank you for bringing me over to the dark side, love 🙂


6 thoughts on “WordPress Pimp

  1. Yup, Retta is totally our Pimp! It’s okay, I’d take her over a total cracked out, toothless man any day!! But why did you have to put a picture of a cookie!? Ugh.. I dislike you at the moment :/

    • And the cookie is inside a cupcake. Did I graduate from “dislike” to “hate” yet? You should have seen Retta’s posts when she was blogging her foods…some of that stuff looked so good and I had no idea how to make it which really sucked.

  2. I loved reading your other blog but it hated me and I wanted to punch it in the throat! I’m so glad you both started WP blogs. I am a gentle pimp though b/c a rough hand only breeds fear. Gentleness is the key. OMG I’m so glad you guys know how weird I can be. Love you, bitches!

    • I’m glad, too! In two days, I’ve gotten more comments here than I EVER got on Blogger. Most people would read it and post their replies on facebook or else email me because apparently people have trouble commenting if they don’t have a blogger account. It made my blog lonely 😦 But I’m not being a complainer – I’m thankful I got any at all no matter where they came from. It’s just cool that other people can see/respond to them now. And this is way more organized than Blogger. I like it very much 🙂 You’re THE poop, Retta – you are THE poop.

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