Stop or I’ll Shoot!!

I don’t typically do multiple posts in one day, but I’m new to wordpress & excited. Sue me.

Also, I found this mildly entertaining song about photography on youtube. It amuses me, especially his “I only shoot RAW” T-shirt. Excuse the video – it’s a little lame.

I was browsing other photography blogs & it got me thinking about something that photographers say, whether they be professional, amateur or hobbyists, that tends to fill the general public with a mild ominous feeling.

The first time I said it was more than a year ago and it has become natural speech for me. A friend of mine wanted me to take some pictures of her for her boyfriend. I was all for getting the practice & experience so I happily agreed. We went back and forth over Facebook detailing times, days, how excited we both were, ect. and any of you that know me & have browsed through my conversations on Facebook know that sometimes I get a little…silly. Especially with my very good friends who know how crazy I am already and still love me in spite – or perhaps because – of it. I got a little too comfortable with the lingo I guess because I said, “I’m looking forward to shooting you!”

Whoops. Did I proof-read that before I posted it? Uh…No.

She responds, “……with….what?” <—see, that’s confusion and fear. Depicted very artfully by a few dots. Gotta love that intermission between words; it speaks volumes.

That was when I realized what I said. And I laughed. Loud.

And this is where we come full circle back to the above video: “I only shoot with Nikon.”

Not that I have anything against Canon for those of you that were getting ready to bang me over the head with your Rebel Xsi. It’s a great brand. I just like K’s.

Anyway, back to the subject: I’ve shot plenty of people since then. I’m what you might call a serial shooter. I even shot my mom. I told her I was going to shoot her before I did it and her response was, “I sure hope not.” I get that a lot actually 🙂

It’s funny how in every profession, skill, craft, hobby, ect… you pick up certain pieces of lingo that people who aren’t at least familiar with what it is you do don’t fully understand, but it’s like second nature for you to say it. My husband comes home telling me all these things he had to do at work and almost all of them are acronyms that he thinks I can somehow magically understand & comprehend even though I don’t hear them…ever…except when he says them, of course. I consistently have to ask him to slow down and tell me what he just said in lamens terms, yet I do the same thing when I’m talking to him about photography. As if he knows anything about exposure compensation & F-stops.

What types of things are you into that make people give you this face when you talk about them:

Educate me! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Stop or I’ll Shoot!!

  1. Normally just the photography with all the file types (I do only shoot RAW, lol) and f-stops and lens types, etc. Though thankfully my partner knows enough about photography that he can generally keep up until I get to the really technical stuff 🙂

  2. Most of my hobbies are fairly obscure, photography being the most mainstream of them, so I’m used to getting blank stares from my wife :p Currently thinking about what I want to shoot this weekend…possibly my daughter…

    • Obscure like Japenese sword polishing or maple syrup tasting? 😛 Thanks for visiting! Have fun shooting your daughter. I shoot my kids all the time; sometimes they even ask me to.

  3. Well, you KNOW I love photography. But I’m also into serial killers and that freaks people out! Especially when I go on and on about their killing methods and their childhoods. There’s no weird lingo involved or anything but they just don’t understand- since they always look at me like if I’m some twisted, psycho freak!

      • When I was like 10, my brother had this Jack the Ripper book laying around and I read it and was hooked. I’ve been hooked ever since. I even got my associates in criminal justice just cause it’d give me more of an outlook of how law works and it gave me the chance to take psychology. They fascinate me. Is that weird? Lol.. maybe so, oh well 🙂

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