Carnival Party Saturday (+pics)


It feels so good to be at home lounging in my husband’s man chair with my laptop inside a quiet house! My house is NEVER quiet. My husband is the absolute best! We went to a birthday party today & the kids were having so much fun that the hubs decided to stay with them while I came home to get a little bit of peace & quiet. Do I need to reiterate how fabulous this is!?

I have a few pictures from the party, but I missed the best ones because I didn’t come back to get my camera until about an hour before I left. By then, all the food fighting – Yes, food fighting – had stopped.

Someone got almost an entire birthday cake dumped on her head. The same girl got a cooler of ice water dumped on her and taped up with that clear box tape that people usually use when they’re moving. Safe to say she was getting picked on pretty hard core today. There were also bits of cake and icecream being thrown at people and lots of us getting sprayed with a water hose. This is how we do parties around here in the summer.

I missed the cake & the cooler of water, but I got this one!!

I can’t believe that no one really got to eat that cake though. I mean, the kids had fun digging through it with their fingers, but it never got cut and served like one would usually do at a child’s birthday party. I can’t imagine spending $60 on a cake and then just wasting it like that, but whatever – it wasn’t my party and I didn’t pay for it. Not to mention the momma who was throwing the party was the first one to dig a fist full of cake out and throw it on one of her friends so it was pretty much deemed okay to get your hands dirty with it at that point. Also, it smelled like pure diabetes. But that’s what cake is supposed to smell like right? 😛

A friend's little girl. She was watching someone else get his face painted, but spotted me trying to get a candid...I always get caught!!

The kids had a really great time though. There was a bouncy house, a big blow up dart thingy except the darts were actually pieces of fabric with velcro on them. There was face-painting which the kids had an awesome time with. I had a pretty good time, too. I painted a shroom on my arm and after that everyone kept asking me to paint one for them so I lost count of how many shrooms I painted today 🙂 Hubs even let our youngest paint his face. Sadly, I didn’t have my camera at that time. I am so kicking myself in the ass for that.

There were also fake tattoos, twister – which I had a great time playing even though I totally put my butt all up in some dudes face – there were little kiddie pools, skiball, limbo games, coloring, the kids got to make their own picture frames – it was all just really cool. And really elaborate for a two-year olds birthday party, but definitely worth it to see all those kids out there having so much fun.

It’s been a few hours since that last sentence, lol, and I forgot everything I was planning to say so I’ll apologize for the nothing post and leave you with more pictures 🙂 Hope the rest of your weekend is fantabulous!

This is the kind of stuff soldiers do for fun...
This kid looked seriously evil. And it wasn't the face paint; it was the expression. And the fact that he pointed that hose straight at me right after this shot.
Another child that belongs to a friend. She's such a sweetheart!! Doesn't she kinda look like Mystique from the X-men movies?

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