Downtown Adventures: Dwarf Edition

Guten Tag!

That’s “Good Day” in German 🙂

Has everyone been enjoying their day of rest? Sunday or not, do people even do that anymore? Considering yesterday was allegedly Judgement Day, some of us probably need a day of rest! This is off the post topic, but seriously, how does any quack scientist think he can predict when God is going to do what and when? Ridickerous…

Let’s get back on track.

The family went for a walk in downtown Schweinfurt today. Hubby & I used to walk a lot and we both really enjoyed spending time together in this way, but some time after he injured his ankle and started having major pain issues, we were unable to do it very often. He said he was sick of not being able to do things we enjoyed doing because of that so we went out and did it pain be damned! I love this man…really.

It started raining while we were out and while it doesn’t bother any of us to get a little wet, I had my camera with me (sans bag – oops!)  so naturally, we had to duck under some canopy’s at an icecream shop to protect my baby 😛 We had some icecream while it poured down. Hazelnut icecream is the sh!t, but the way! I’m in love!

By the time everyone finished their icecream, the rain had slowed down a lot which was a shame because I really wanted to get some good pictures of the kids playing in it while it poured down, but, as usual, I missed it. Regardless, I got a few shots of them dancing in the sprinkles 🙂

Then we walked to the park:

My son’s “Are you Crazy?!” face:

And my absolute favorite from the day:

That’s all folks!

xo 😛


3 thoughts on “Downtown Adventures: Dwarf Edition

  1. Like you said, art is subjective! So annoying but more than likely he/she is prolly just jealous haha. 🙂

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