Kids. They Have This Horrible Habit of Growing.

Seven years ago today, on my grandaddy’s birthday, my first child was born. I was eighteen and had just graduated high school three days prior to his arrival. Four months before his arrival, his daddy & I got married. That is an awful lot of big stuff to fit into a few months of a teenager’s life.

But, nothing was ever more worthwhile.

[We’re going to pretend there is a picture of my baby boy here for you to ogle m’kay?] Unfortunately, I have no digital files of my li’l man when he was first born. They’re all printed out and I don’t have a way to scan them to the computer at the moment.


I do have photos of him at about 16-18 months:

We had just moved from GA to Fort, Bragg NC when these were taken.

At 2 years:

His little sister had talked him into getting into the dryer. Funny stuff.

Hubby deployed while I was pregnant with our third child and we moved back to GA to be close to family while he was gone. The following pictures were taken when we lived in Manchester, GA.

Here’s my baby at 3:

Four Years:

We moved to Germany before he turned 5 and the rest of his photos have all been taken here minus the ones from vacations we’ve taken since coming here.

This was the first time it snowed in Schweinfurt after we moved to Germany in 2009. James was 5 years old.

And the most recent photos of him at 6 years old.

You might remember this one from yesterday’s post 🙂

He’s such a sweet, handsome little guy. Today he’s 7 and I want to take the opportunity to share with you all the things I love about my amazing son.

*He’s sweet, thoughtful and kind. He enjoys helping others and sharing. He’s amazingly considerate of those around him…sometimes, I’m afraid, too considerate. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there 🙂

*He has the most handsome smile & the funniest faces. Sometimes I say silly things to him just to get him to make them. My goal is to record all of his funniest faces on camera one by one. I’ll be working for the rest of my life at this task! 😛

*He makes me smile on days when I feel impossibly sad or moody. He hugs me, stays by me and makes me feel special. Or he’ll say something so sweet that I can’t possibly not be cheered by it.

*He’s the best big brother ever. He’s protective of his sisters, but he also plays with them all the time, shares what he knows with them, tries to make them feel better when they’re sad or even just when they fall and scrape their knees. There have even been mornings where he has fixed his sisters breakfast because it was 6 or 7am and his mommy was in such a deep sleep that she didn’t hear any of them get up. Parenting Fail, right? lol. The boy was hungry and not about to wait apparently.

*He is a bit of a perfectionist. He has to get everything just right and gets so frustrated when he doesn’t always succeed on the first try. But he keeps going, keeps trying and he’s so proud of himself once he accomplishes something.

*Baby boy can draw some awesomely cool stuff. His favorite things to draw right now are dinosaurs and lions. 

*He makes friends easily and is consistently described as “the nicest kid” by his teachers. He can get along with anyone.

*His big heart, warm smile, and his laid back demeanor. He is so easy to please and doesn’t argue all that much.

*He does his chores without being asked a million times and is the only person in this house who gladly volunteers to help me when he sees that I am trying to clean. He doesn’t always get the table 100% wiped off or fold the towels just right, but he tries so hard and the fact that he offers to help when no one else does means more to me than his little brain can comprehend. (Not that I’m belittling his intelligence because he has plenty of that) 🙂

*He is a little gentleman. He opens doors for me and his sisters all the time and is very polite.

*He is very inquisitive & playful.

*He can also be very serious. Laughably serious much to his dismay. He hates it when I let out a giggle when he’s trying to be very grown up with me, but it doesn’t take much to get him to laugh with me.

*We’ve both put in so much time and hard work to get him reading well and he’s doing so awesome now – I’m ridiculously proud of him.

*He’s smart and says the funniest things. When he was three – and I will always remember this – we had this conversation on the way home from my parents house: 

James: Mommy, can we watch Spongebob when we get home?

Me: You know I don’t let you watch Spongbob. It kills brain cells.

James: *in his sweetest 3 year old voice* Perhaps we can watch just one?

Here’s another cute conversation I remember. He was getting ready to spend the night with his Paw-Paw & Nanna. We had just finished getting him ready for bed and the grandparents were trying to find some cartoons for the kids to watch while they got the other kids (James’ nephews they were keeping, too) ready for bed, as well. Paw-Paw put (can you guess?) Spongebob Squarepants on.

James: *covers his eyes* PawPaw! *shakes his head vigorously, little blonde hairs flying in every direction* I can’t watch this PawPaw!

PawPaw: Uncover your eyes. Why not boy?

James: *Adamantly*  IT KILLS BRAIN CELLS!

Also, while he was three he had this conversation with my mother at dinnertime.

Nanna: Here’s your food baby. *Gives him his plate*

James: I don’t like this, Nanna.

Nanna: Why not?

James: I don’t eat food with ingredients.

There are a million reasons why I love my son more than I can possibly put into words, but these should sum up why he’s so special. I just wanted to tell him and the rest of the world that I’m crazy proud of him and I couldn’t ask for a better son even I had the desire to.

From the bottom of my heart – Happy Birthday, man.

Also, a quick Happy Birthday to my grandaddy. He passed away in April of 2008, but he was mine and James’ absolute favorite person in the world for quite some time. I love you & miss you every single day.


4 thoughts on “Kids. They Have This Horrible Habit of Growing.

  1. awwh.. this was the sweetest thing ever.. happy birthday baby boy.. even though he’s not much of a baby anymore. I can’t believe he’s already seven.. am starting to feel old.. i remember when you were pregnant.. and everything seemed so hard. but look at you guys now. you have this big happy family. i love you. i love your family.. and i miss you guys like crazy. can’t wait for you get back to ga.. tell baby boy “auntie” cass says happy birthday!!!

    • Thanks hunny buns! I appreciate that you read this and commented 🙂 I never cried more in my whole life than I did during the time I was pregnant, but when I look at him now, I can barely remember why in the world I was so upset lol.

  2. I really enjoyed your post, it made me smile and feel so fuzzy inside.. hehe. Isn’t it amazing how fast the years go by? They start off as your babies and next thing you know, they’re all grown up! I mean, they’ll always be your “babies” but, well you know what I’m trying to say. I always look at pictures from when my kids were born and now, and it’s like WOW! They’re their own little person with their own personalities! Sometimes I think to myself, where did they get THAT from!? But it’s a pleasure watching them grow and growing with them. Happy Birthday to your little man!

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