Allergies Doctor? Yes. You.

Happy After-Memorial-Day-Weekend Wednesday!

Yup, it took me this long to recover. And no, it was not because I drank my way through it and had to take Tuesday to deal with a massive hangover. My mind was blank; I didn’t know what to write about. Imagine that – me, having nothing to write about. But, it’s true.

Not so quick recap of the weekend:

Thursday morning hubby was admitted to the hospital. They wanted to keep him longer, but he asked to be released on Sunday and so he was. It wasn’t like they were doing anything for him anyway aside from keeping him more drugged up than he’s normally allowed to be. I’m glad his pain was reduced during that time, but I’m not thrilled that the only thing he ever gets is pain meds when he should be going through physical therapy and not relying on a cane to walk all the time. I would explain my logic behind that – and maybe I still will one of these days – but right now it’s just too much to get into and I’m already worked up about the whole thing. If I start writing about it now, you will never get me to shut up.

All the pills my husband is currently taking. Keep in mind each square is only for one day. Agree or disagree: these idiots are going to kill him.

I will tell you that he has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which is just a fancy way of saying that someone is experiencing pain in a previously injured region that has since healed and doctors can find no other cause for the pain, so they think it’s all inside your head, but they don’t want to tell you that directly. So, rather than dealing with the root problem and trying to get you to rehabilitate yourself, they feel the need to dope you up on pain meds for pain they can’t find any explaination for and then wonder why the pain meds aren’t working and you’re still getting worse.

In short, some people are dumbasses.

I am allergic to dumbasses.

Sunday, after hubs got home our downstairs neighbors asked us to grill out with them. I wasn’t in the mood to socialize, but they’re so nice to invite us to do things with them and I hate letting people down so I agreed. It took me a while to actually get outside and socialize with people, but when I finally did it was fun. Hubs went to bed early, I had a few drinks and watched people more innebriated than myself pee on trees, but that’s about the extent of that. Everybody’s kids fell asleep at my house watching a movie so we let them stay there until Monday morning. When they woke up we sent them downstairs to their parents so we could get things cleaned up and decide what we were going to do for that day.

I was happy to just sit at home and be together. Read, watch movies, laugh together, whatever…but apparently, no one else wanted to do that so the day kinda sucked. Hubs played Black Ops which made me want to strangle myself, then he was in a bad mood (surprise, surprise!) which put me in a bad mood so, we kept bickering when we talked at all. It happens sometimes I guess. We watched a movie together that night so it wasn’t a total waste since the movie was funny 🙂 The kids did what kids do – played outside on the park and had just as much fun here as they would have anywhere else. That is what I love about kids. No matter where they are or what they’re doing, they can always find something fun to do.

It makes it really hard not to smile around them 🙂

Tuesday, little J stayed out of school to go back to the clinic for the millionth time about his cough/breathing trouble. If you already know the history with this or aren’t interested, you don’t need to bother reading this next section, but if you care to – read on 🙂

We’ve suspected that he has asthma for a long while now, but all his doctors kept saying he didn’t have it and there was nothing they could do about his cough, but they would suggest nebulizer treatments for his breathing. It helped, but after you have to do that continuously for so many years (6 to be exact) every single time he gets sick, even with something as simple as a common cold, it gets monotonous & frustrating. I was sick of having to keep him out of school or else having him sent home from school because of the cough and one time he got sent home because he genuinely couldn’t breathe. I think it was an honest-to-goodness asthma attack, but the school nurse insisted he didn’t have asthma because she didn’t hear any wheezing. He was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis and given albuteral inhalers as well as some other medicine, but that got better and he still had the same breathing problems without so much of the cough.

We took him back to the doctor. Again. Sick of having to make such frequent trips and not getting lasting results, we asked for a referral to a lung specialist and were told it was put in for us and we would recieve an email with the appointment date and address of the place we were supposed to take him to on the German economy. We waited a couple weeks and it never came. Hubs checked on it, was told to wait a little longer. We waited 2 more weeks and the referral never came. Finally, Monday night little man woke up having difficulty breathing again. We took care of that, but kept him out of school Tuesday to go back to the clinic yet again, get him seen and check on his referral. This is where it makes me even more angry. First, they wouldn’t make an appointment for him at the clinic because they have changed the way they do appointments. A nurse has to assess your symptoms over the phone before you can get an appoinment which is really stupid for several reasons. One of which being that there are too many symptoms that match more than one illness and it’s ridiculous to hinge someone’s health-care on whether or not a nurse thinks your current symptoms (that she can’t see for herself – only hear about!) are worthy of a doctor’s visit. I hate this place more and more everyday because of stupidity like that.

Anyway, we find out that his referral was not sent off over a month ago when it should have been. They sent it off only 2 weeks ago (the 2nd time we checked on its progress and they told us to just keep waiting). It was sitting in London, where all Tri-care referrals go to from here, waiting to be filled. The tri-care people at the clinic called London and got our appointment for us (which is great, of course), but I’m just pissed that it took them so long when it didn’t have to.

Here’s the other part that makes me ill, but also a bit relieved at the same time. James saw a different doctor yesterday (civilian, not military) that confirmed he does have asthma and perscribed him more inhalers. One to take twice a day and the other for emergencies. It makes me ill because I’ve had a feeling that was his problem all along and no one would acknowledge it, but relieved because at least now we know for sure instead of getting a “he doesn’t have asthma, but I can’t tell what he does have.” The only time we didn’t get that response before now was when we were told he had bronchitis, but he’s been to the doctor countless times for the same symptoms and nothing conclusive ever came out of the other visits.

UGH, I will be so glad when we get back home. I’ve had enough of this place and the Army.

I apologize for my multitude of bitchy posts lately. I’m not getting enough sunshine. Yes, that’s a crap excuse, but that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! I already have my next post planned and Mrs. Bitchtastical did not get an invite to the party this time!

Anyone else allergic to dumbasses or stupid people? I would love to make this a quantifiable allergy so we can petition to have these allergens removed from our environment. It’s not like pollen – you can’t just suck ’em up with an air purifier & take some allegra – but, I was thinking something along the lines of moving them to “Dumbass Island.” I’m all about the compromises that make everybody happy!


One thought on “Allergies Doctor? Yes. You.

  1. Yes I have allergies to idiots! I’m glad your hubby is out of the hospital but hate that he has to take all those drugs! And so many more pills since it’s only NACHT today!

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