Creative Everyday: Volume 1

By now, a lot of you know I am taking part in The Creative Everyday Challenge. Not only is the icon living in my sidebar, but I’ve mentioned it in a couple of other posts.

What is it, you ask?

Exactly what it says. A challenge. One that challenges you to be creative everyday. And that creativity can be in any form you want as it’s really a broad term. You can be creative in your work, with your kids, with arts and crafts…you can even be creative while getting clean I have discovered. My children really enjoy baths when I use a small amount of food coloring to dye the water pink, purple or blue….cool, huh? Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of that 😦 Considering it’s bath water, I probably wouldn’t have posted them anyway so I guess it’s okay that I didn’t document that particular spark of creativity.

So, how have I been creative everyday since I’ve started the challenge?

Not much of it has been on purpose, actually. For the first week after I decided to participate, all I did was take pictures. It’s my thing so it was natural to do that and I never even thought about having the particular ones I took be a part of the challenge, but since I didn’t do anything else that first week, that’s what we’re going with 😛

Take a look at my flickr photostream and you’ll see a few of the things I did starting at the photo of my youngest daughter with a bowl on her head and going back about 15 or 20 photos from there. You will also see some of the same photos in this post. I’m linking back because I don’t want to be redundant I’m lazy.

I’m also using my blog-post titles as a way of being creative. For some reason, until I joined wordpress, I usually didn’t have titles that sounded at all interesting and my posts were far more boring and standard on blogger than they have been on wordpress. I’ve known for a long time that I truly enjoy writing, but I’ve been putting a bit more thought into it since switching here. I think it has to do with the fact that there are people here who actually read and comment on my posts so I feel more compelled not to waste their time or mine.

Other than blogging, I’ve been doing recreational writing when I have a little spare time. It started off with stories that I don’t yet have the courage to share…at least not here with people that know me cuz I’ma big ol’ chicken…but yesterday someone suggested something that I think was a brilliant idea and it’s taken root in my head and refuses to let go.

I’ve always kept journals for my kids. I’ve always kept scrapbooks for them, too, which is another thing I’ve worked on and am adding to my “creative everyday” list, but at the suggestion of a facebook friend, I’ve decided to catalogue all the funny things my children do and say into one book. Like…an actual book. Not a blog post or a handwritten journal, but a real book that I can have made for myself & family as well as one each for the kids to have when they’re older. It’s my way of putting all their awesomeness on one group of pages with a real table of contents, pictures and funny things to cheer me up or make me smile long after they’ve lost their very effective childhood cuteness. It’s also a way for me to write something besides a blog post that I’m not scared to share with everyone else. <—see the chicken comment ^ above. ^ Not to mention the 2nd most appealing thing about it – I can put it on my bookshelf right before The Twilight Saga & the Harry Potter books.

Could I technically claim I’m published at that point?

Next Creative Everyday post to contain pictures! (As opposed to some colored words that link to pictures.)


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