Scooby Doo, Business & Temporary (or not) Male Idiocy

Busy, busy weekend!!

We had our son’s birthday party finally. His birthday was May 24th, but we couldn’t afford to do the party thing until the 4th of June. He didn’t care! 🙂

Luckily, he also didn’t notice or care that his mom is so not a hostess. I do not throw parties or any type of social function well. I don’t prepare well enough and I am not all Susy-Homemaker-come-inside-and-have-tea-and-coffee-cakes-ish…none the less, it wasn’t a total bomb (even though I did bomb myself with several water balloons before they even made it to the actual “water-balloon” stage…more on that later). Thanks to everyone who came – you rock!!

And thanks to Shamila for this amazing cake you made on incredibly short notice – extra love for you!!

Next year, we should be home for birthdays and I intend to put a lot more planning into the event (or to beg/request/hire or otherwise coerce someone else into doing it). <— Diabolical Plan A. <—–

I didn’t get that many pictures because I was busy running back and forth doing party related things, but I have a couple others to share. Hubby cutting the cake – see his tongue of concentration?

It’s kinda hard to see it, but believe me, it’s there. 🙂 Also notice how it looks as if Scooby has rabies – see him foaming at the mouth? Cool stuff, huh?

And then there’s a squinty eyed photo of the birthday boy. We were supposed to have a storm on the day of his party, but it was nice and sunny out (and HOT!)…I was so thrilled!! After the party was over, the clouds rolled in and we had some rain, but nothing like the real storms we have in the states. Oh, how I miss those.

Friday I had a mini photo shoot with a friend and got some really cute shots of her daughter in her T-Ball uniform. The girl is such a sass – I really can’t wait to show off a photo or two if her mom will let me! I’ve also been working on a session I did a couple of months ago with another friend. I needed someone to do a boudoir shoot for promotional purposes and she happily obliged, but ever since then, it feels like I’ve been swamped with work (which is a GREAT thing!) so I haven’t been able to work on them as steadily as I’d like between other shoots. I realized I would never get them all done and back to her if I didn’t just work straight through on them and treat them like any other paid session so I’ve started work on them again and I won’t stop until they’re all done. I can’t believe I actually thought I would be able to get them done in between the other paid sessions, but whatever – I’m correcting my mistake now and in the future, all promotional shoots will be processed, edited and back to my awesome helpers in the same timely fashion as everyone else. I’m learning on a trial and error basis here 🙂

Other business-related things I’ve been learning through trial and error: Pricing. What a bitch. Really.

So I found these great articles online (one HERE & one HERE if you’re interested in the help for yourself!) to help me finally set my pricing where it should be once we get back to the states. While living on post in Germany, because of certain rules and regulations, I can’t actually “charge” for my services, but I can accept donations. But, once we get back stateside, I want to start with REAL pricing where it should be for the area I plan to work in. Of course, I still have to fill out the paperwork to get my state license there & I desperately want to take some business courses, but once that’s complete I want to get started working right away.

So, I’m sitting here at the computer trying to figure this pricing thing out while also thinking about my son’s birthday party (2 things I don’t recommend anyone try to focus on at once) and I came across this section about figuring out the depreciation value of your equipment in order to factor that into your pricing. Part of figuring that out is finding out how many pictures you’ve taken total on your camera. I looked and found out that I have over 28,000 actuations (or shutter clicks) on my camera out of a possible 150,000 before my camera starts to malfunction. I’ve only had it since Feb. 2010 and I discovered that on average, in one year alone, I took 26,000+ pictures! (Note to self: start saving for a back-up camera NOW!) And I thought “maybe I should take James’ party pictures with the point & shoot instead.” (To save my DSLR for photo shoots). That was the moment I knew I was thinking about this photography thing more in terms of a business rather than a personal thing that I do for the love and the fun of it. It’s a scary thought…knowing that I’m getting closer and closer to making a justifiable business out of what started out as a hobby. I’m kinda terrified to take that next big leap.

On another note:

Men say the dumbest things at the worst possible times. That is all I have to say about that. Let your imagination fill in the blanks as I’m sure we all have our own “ridiculous man stories.”

Tomorrow is my lovely sister’s birthday so I will be making a post just for her instead of doing the Tutorial Tuesday’s thing. I should have known that other things would conflict with my brilliant idea to only do those on Tuesdays. I’m not a “schedules” and “routines” kinda girl; yet another daunting area of the business endeavor because I have to learn to be very organized and scheduled considering I won’t have the funds to pay someone else to be those things for me 🙂

I’ll get another tutorial posted this week when I can. I have some boudoir photos to finish before I can even think about anything else. Once again, thanks for reading my “brain seepage.”

Have you ever gotten more water on yourself filling up water balloons than you did while playing with them? What fantastical things happened over your weekend? Care to share some dumb things you’ve heard men say?


3 thoughts on “Scooby Doo, Business & Temporary (or not) Male Idiocy

  1. I stay away from water balloons & fights b/c I care about my hair and makeup too much. What a diva. Also, what dumb things DON’T they say? Not too many fantasic things happened for me besides lovely family time. Oh I got laid. That was cool.

  2. I didn’t realize that you lived in Germany! That must be a great experience. Good luck starting your photography business once your state side!

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