Bethy + Rum = Singing

Have you ever had anything you desperately wanted to write about, but weren’t able due to its super-secret-status? Well, that’s me today.

So, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to find something else to squeeze out of the convoluted inner-workings of my mind. The only thing that is coming out is some smelly substance that looks a lot like jelly…not sure that should be happening.

The resident Brain Organizer in my head is, once again, failing at his job. Bob, seriously dude – get on the ball! He’s trying to get straightened out up there…Good job, Bob. Now, moving on!

I miss having something to look forward to on Thursdays (and yes, I do mean Vampire Diaries because I am just that much of a dork). —> Oh, Damon, how I miss you!

I’m also looking forward to the end of this school year. Krysta is out, but James still has about a week left. Then I have photo sessions filling up my time for the rest of the month, a vet appointment for my big sweet doggie and then, FINALLY, we can get ready to go back home for a while. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE GA.? Maybe some of you don’t understand how I could favor GA over Europe, but what can I say? There’s no place like home.

Sorry…total Dorothy moment.

I will be coming back here after a week or so in GA and I think that is what I’m looking forward to more than anything else. My parents (God Bless Them!!!) will have the kids for a little while (to spoil spend time with them & also make it easier for James and I to get our apartment cleared or whatever it is we need to do). Even though we already have a ton of things we’ll be doing during that time, James still has to go to work on the weekdays which means that I have the morning and afternoon to do whatever I want sans kiddos!!! I am going to miss them like crazy and I’ll probably cry when we leave them, but I am going to do my absolute best to enjoy my kid-free days considering I didn’t get very many when I was younger; all of my own choice, of course, so don’t think I’m complaining – but everyone needs a little ME Time and now I’m going to have something like 3 or 4 weeks of it!!! I’ll get my work done uninterrupted, get the apartment scrubbed down and cleaned up, go walking downtown, see some scenery, get some pictures I’ve been dying to get, go off with friends during the day….AH, so excited!

That’s not the best part though. And yes, I do mean there is something I’m looking forward to even more. Time alone for hubby and I!!!!! Go ahead…let your imagination run away with you 🙂 But after deployments, field training, CQ, classes, kids, ect. to think I wouldn’t be excited about having him mostly to myself for a month would be redickerous. Not ridiculous, but redickerous!! I’m genuinely hoping we get to go to Ireland during those weeks and wherever else we can make it, but I won’t get my hopes up too much considering the Army will still have him by the balls at that point. I know better than to start planning anything too big, but I’m praying!

What else has happened this week that I can actually talk about…hmmm….hubby encouraged me to start singing (in front of people) again so, despite my intense stage fright and fear of screwing everything up, I think I’m going to try. I even figured out a few weeks ago how I could record myself on my computer with music and sound effects, ect. and even put those “songs” in my iTunes playlist. Maybe one of these days,  I will get ballsy enough to share something I’ve recorded with you. We shall see. For now…

That’s all folks!

What are you excited about this week, this month or this year? My friends that know and heart me, what say you about this singing (out loud, in front of people) idea? If my knees didn’t feel like jelly-filled melty chocolate it might be easier. I think I need rum-filled chocolate instead.


2 thoughts on “Bethy + Rum = Singing

  1. i think its a spifftastical idea! i know they make kaluha filled chocolates but idk about rum. you can get rum balls in warm springs though. they’re made with jell-o. i personally love soco, yum! hope to see you soon bethimus! muah

    • Aw, yay!! And they do have rum filled chocolates here. And chocolates filled with Vodka and almost every other kind of liquid you can think of 🙂 I hope to see you soon as well!! Double MUAH!

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