Things That Make Me Scream

Weekend Recap:

James missed school Thursday & Friday because of the whole cough thing (again…grrr). If he doesn’t progress to the 2nd grade after all of our hard work this year just because of missed days due to his teacher & the school nurse sending him home all the time….

I. Am. Going. To. SCREAM. <—-everything in this color is me screaming, m’kay?

I had photo sessions both Saturday & Sunday morning, but I haven’t looked through all the photos yet. I’m confident that we got a lot of great shots so I’m hoping I will be able to share some once I get started working on them. While I’m thinking about that, anyone who was looking for the tutorial on sharpening, I’m sorry! I had to take it down temporarily, but as soon as I get a chance, I’ll have it back up. I’m having a small issue with my photoshop program at the moment which is why it isn’t back up already.

Other than the photo sessions, there wasn’t a lot of happiness in my weekend. We had a birthday party to attend on Saturday. It was fun considering I got to socialize with adults, but hubby wasn’t feeling all that great (I think he really just wanted an excuse to come home & play Black Ops, but whatever…) & after a while I started feeling not-so-great myself. The kids had a blast though. Of course, anywhere there’s cake & candy, there is always a good time to be had by the chil’renz.

Sunday was a craptastic day. I wake up to dog pee (how loud can you say Eeew?) on my couch (!!!!!!!!!) & this giant mess in my kids’ rooms that doesn’t even make sense considering hubby & I took all the girls’ toys so they have nothing in there but clothes & blankets, yet somehow they still manage to make their bedroom look like a tornado flew through it. There was laundry once again piled up in the floor of my newly cleaned bathroom (there are hampers RIGHT THERE people – how hard is it to use them?)…I’ve really had it with the Susy Homemaker stuff.

Li’l J spent almost the entire day cleaning up his room while the girls ran around helping in various places. Thankfully, hubby helped me with the dishes, folding some laundry, spraying all kinds of cleaning chemicals on the couch, getting the living room rearranged and sweeping.

It was just one of those days…I spent it cleaning (or half-assed attempting to anyway) & feeling extra-extra cranky. The shampooer stopped working so even after all that spraying down of the couch, we couldn’t shampoo it off so now it smells like a chemical plant exploded up in my house. I think my nose has been thoroughly sanitized. I may have aquired some *more* brain damage folks!

I can say that two really cool things happened though:

A.) My sister got a new laptop from her husband for her birthday and she downloaded Skype so we finally got to video chat! That was pretty awesometastical…she got to watch me sweep & do dishes…lucky, lucky girl.

B.) My hubby & I made it to 9 years together! Seven married, but I still remember the day we started dating because it was my sister’s 18th birthday so it’s kind of like a small double-celebration for me. We’ve had our ups & downs (& will continue to, I’m sure), but we just keep on goin’! Apparently, he thinks I’m worth the effort 😉 (Smart man…) I kinda like (insert LOVE here) him, too.

To make up for the lack of interestingness in this post, I’ll share some funny things my kids did and said over the weekend, most of which I already shared on facebook so if you’ve heard it – forgive the repetition.

  • Hubs was walking around poking his belly out on purpose to make a point about how he’d gained weight when Kira looked up at him & said “Daddy, why your belly so fat?”
  • Me: Can I have a kiss, Kira? Kira: *cute laugh* Close your eyes! Me: *closes my eyes* Kira: Don’t think about it m’kay? Me: O…kay? Current Status: still waiting on my kiss 😦
  • Saturday morning I woke up to my sweet little girls singing “The Farmer in the Dell.” Krysta made a slight revision. Instead of saying “the farmer takes a wife” she said “the farmer takes a life, the farmer takes a life…”
  • Li’l J: Mom, I want to show you a trick!! But, I’m gonna need some metal….  Me: *confused cockerspaniel face*
  • We had hotdogs and chips for lunch one day over the weekend. Kira kissed each one of her chips before she ate them.♥
  • I wish I had video of this next thing. My son was listening to music from my computer over the weekend and it appears he is a pro at playing air guitar on the country songs. I can’t believe I didn’t grab a camera for that, but you can be sure I will next time! Also, he really loves this song:

Before I go, a quick question that has nothing to do with this post:

Who watches The Voice? (Love this show!) Who did you vote for in the first live show from each team!? 




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