Emotional Schizophrenia: Susy, Nelly & Ed

Hi All!!

Not a lot to blog about today so I’m sparing you the over-long monologue!! Go ahead…do your happy dance! The end of the school year (in Germany – finally!) approaches!! Tomorrow is the last day!! I’m probably more excited than my little boy 🙂 I don’t really understand why they have to go tomorrow considering they will only be in school for 2 1/2 hours before they’re released, but whatever. I’ll send the kid with a white T-shirt so he can get it signed by all his friends before we head back to the states at the end of the month. I wish I could go to take pictures of him with all his friends for his scrapbook, but I have two little girls I have to stay at home with right now. I’ll save the “going to school with him” thing until he’s about 13 so I can thoroughly embarrass him – SCORE!

In other unrelated news, I’ve been reading this book that encourages one to take turns talking with another person (it’s meant to be your spouse) about their lives. (Supposedly, it ties in with reinforcing the topic of the book, which is irrelevant right now.) You’re supposed to start off talking about your life from birth to age nine with no comments, analysis or interruptions from the other person. Then you separate, let it sink in and then the other person can come back later on and ask questions, make comments  (positively of course) ect…

Then, the following day, the talking/listening roles are reversed. The day after that, you talk about your life from ages 10-15 and then the next conversation is on 16-21 switching up who does the talking/listening each day. The point is to get a momentum in conversation going, rebuild communication skills, ect and eventually start talking about new/harder topics as you progress through the book. But, while thinking about what I would say for myself, I realized exactly how much I tend to hold on to the bad things that have happened in my life more than I do the good ones. It’s like somehow the awful stuff cancels out my good memories. I literally can’t think of any happy event that occurred during certain times because the negative stuff over-shadows it so completely that it’s as if nothing good ever existed during that period. Does this happen to anyone else? Do you have moments in your life or ages that you associate specifically with something bad? Or am I totally crazy? I like to think that I’m not consistently a negative person, but I’m a little worried here…what if I really am a “Negative Nelly”? Haha…pardon the cheesy nickname. I get it; we can’t all be “Susy Sunshine” all the time, but there has to be some light even in the bad stuff, doesn’t there? [Again, my lack of creativity when it comes to naming emotional personalities is astounding.] My brain is getting whiplash from all the back & forth between Susy & Nelly. These two really hate eachother, by the way. I need to create some neutral personality to put between the two of them (& possibly other opposing schitzo-feelings I might have) to be the referee. I wonder if Ed Hochuli will come live in my brain…

Until next time –




One thought on “Emotional Schizophrenia: Susy, Nelly & Ed

  1. No you’re not crazy. I do that same thing. Some years I feel like I just blocked out completely!

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