I Wonder Why They Didn’t Melt In There…

I have been having the craziest, most vivid dreams lately. I have always dreamed very vividly, but for a long time, I didn’t seem to ever have any dreams anymore. It kinda made me sad because I love to dream!  Yeah, that’s right…I’ma big ol’ dork! And proud of it.

Because I feel like I want to write down all the ones I remember in as much detail as I can and also because I think some of you will enjoy my weirdness, I’m posting about my dreams. Of all the dumb things to blog about, huh? 😛

There are three that I want to tell you about, but I’m going to break them up into three separate posts. It would be way too long if I wrote all three down at once and I’m trying to break away from making those insanely long posts that no one wants to read 😉

The first one was a few nights ago and will be the shortest for me to retell since I only remember one part.

Russell Brand.

He was the pirate-elf version of Santa. Imagine Russell Brand dressed a lot like:

Captain Jack Sparrow…but with tights instead of the pants and a hat like Elf.

Only the tights weren’t always the same color. At one point, he wore one red and white stripped stocking and the other was green stripped.

He was climbing up on people’s balcony’s like a cat burgler in the daytime, walking in silently through their balcony doors and without saying a word, he gave everyone something similar to:


Then he’d turned around and you would get to see him sling an anchor of some sort up to the next balcony and climb away. It was really rather disturbing once he got halfway up because those tights did not leave much to the imagination….it was like David Bowie in the Labyrinth all over again.

Some last image to leave you with, huh? I figured if I had to have nightmares about it, I’m not doing it alone!! Also, Russell had no bag so don’t ask me where he kept the chocolate presents… :/

Happy Saturday everyone!!


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