Daddy Day Every Day

♥Happy Daddy Day! ♥

I wanted to make a special post to thank the most important men in my life (both of my dads & my husband), but I’ve been at a loss for what to say. My husband had to work 24 hours straight yesterday & I was so irritated that he wouldn’t be able to adequately celebrate this day due to that annoying habit we all have of needing sleep that I just couldn’t put together the words needed to write this post. I’m not sure I have them now, but I’ve gotten pretty good at “wingin’ it” so that’s the strategy once again.

I’ll start with my Dad. (Who I don’t have nearly enough pictures of. Thanks Aunt Ellen…I stole this one off your facebook, lol).

He’s this tall, hulk-like sort of guy 🙂 Whenever he’s in a room, you can’t help but notice he’s there even if he’s not saying a word and his face is telling you he’d rather be digging his eyeballs out with a plastic spoon. He & my mom & all my siblings all have dark hair and I end up blonde…how does that happen? I used to joke that I was adopted. Whenever I talk to him on the phone, our conversations usually go something like this:

Me: Hey Daddy! (Yes, I still call him “Daddy.”)

Dad: Hey Babe. How you doin’?

Me: Good. Busy. You?

Dad: Bored.

Me: Dad, you’re always bored.

Dad: That’s cuz there ain’t nothin’ to do. (Or he might mention how he met a woman recently, cuz that’s my dad…he’s kind of a womanizer, lol. BTW – shame on you, Dad, for letting Linda go!! I miss her.)

Then we go on talking about how the kids are, the funny things they’ve done, school, how my husband is and when I’m coming home. I usually tease my dad about his dancing, whoever he’s dating or anything else I can think of, he laughs and we say our bye-for-now’s. The whole conversation takes about ten minutes because Dad & I aren’t exactly A+ conversationalists – at least not together anyway.

I like it though. I don’t really like to talk on the phone all that much and with my dad, there’s no pressure to keep a constant conversation flowing. He’s relaxed and even if you’re sitting in a room not talking, it’s not that uncomfortable silence that you sometimes experience with other people…it’s actually kinda nice.

He’s never been much for words or outward signs of emotion, but you always know where you stand with him regardless.

He’s very laid back & allowed me to make my own mistakes. He was always easy to talk to because I knew he’d be the one less likely to tear my head off about whatever it was I needed to say. I appreciated that.

When I was about 4 or 5, I remember he cut my hair and ended up clipping the side of my cheek with the scissors. I still have a scar on my face that reminds me never to let him get near my hair again 🙂

When I was 6, my parents divorced & my siblings & I only got to spend every other weekend with my dad after that. He remarried a few years later to Linda (who I still love and adore and consider my step mom even though they aren’t married anymore), started selling all kinds of stuff at flea-markets where we’d go and help him out all the time. He & Linda eventually opened a store and we helped with that, too. It was surprisingly fun.

When I was 17, I moved in with him for a while & it was the most freedom I’ve ever had in my whole life. I don’t think I ate an actual sit-down dinner that whole year. I think I lived off Hot Pockets 😀 Dad would let me go to the store and do the grocery shopping and I got to get whatever I wanted, plus a few specifics that he’d ask for and he never complained once about what I bought or cooked. I spent the summer at the river with friends (& my husband who was my boyfriend at the time.) He helped to teach me how to drive during that time because I still didn’t have my license. I think after my sister, everyone was scared to try to teach me & it didn’t help that when I got nervous, I forgot EVERYTHING. With my dad, I was never nervous so it was a lot easier. When I went out on dates, I didn’t have to be home at 10 or 11pm like I did with my mom. I got to stay out until 1am and all I had to do was call if I was going to be late. At the time, that was AWESOME! (Now, I have a bit of a different opinion, but it’s not time for that part yet.)

Even now though, there are still a ton of things I don’t know about my dad. I feel like I don’t know him nearly as well as I should so once we get back home, I’m going to make it a point to spend more time with him and get to know him better.

Now you get to meet my “Step” Dad. I really hate the term “Step”…as if he’s one step below my biological dad, which is not at all the case. I prefer to call him my Other Dad. How lucky do you have to be to have not just one, but TWO dads?!?

He had his moments of not-so-greatness, but they don’t outweigh all the good stuff. He’s been my Dad is so many ways and I appreciate him more than I can say.

He taught me how to ride a bike, swim, snap beans, shell peas, take care of all kinds of different animals, throw a basketball and actually make it into the hoop & he helped teach me to drive (right into our back porch at one point…Stop laughing! I was ten!). He’s always been 10 shades of crazy, but he helped mold me into a better person in so many ways. He wore my mom’s underwear on his head to a public pool just to embarrass all of us. I think I was the only one that wasn’t mortified come to think of it. I still laugh when I think about that. However, I do not laugh  at all when I think about the time he put on my bathing suit top…*shiver*

He used to spin our ferret around on the floor singing “spin the ferret!” over and over again just to see him walk like he was drunk. It was cruel, but still funny and that ferret got his revenge everytime…apparently the two of them had an understanding.

He made me aware of ghosts. Sounds weird, but I never had an issue until he told me his twin brother, Fred, was the ghost that lived in my closet. On a good note, it wasn’t long before I learned not to be afraid of ghosts, whether they’re real or not.

He taught me the value of hard work. His facial expressions and silly noises consistently make me laugh. He loves his grandchildren so completely that he has willingly let Krysta lead him around on a leash in his front yard before. He made the grandkids their own fort to spend summer nights in and roast marshmellows. He plays silly games with them and doesn’t mind that they want to follow him around outside all day long. They love that he lets them help collect the chicken eggs when they’re ready. Did I not mention he has chickens? He has pretty much always had chickens or turkey’s at some point. He even had four turkey’s when we were growing up named Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty. Fred was his favorite. When he came home from work, he would start gobbling and Fred would respond in kind…it was both cute and highly creepy. He’s got that kind of affinity with animals I guess. We had a pig named Skeeter that thought it was a dog, I kid you not. While living with my parents we, at one time or another, owned all of the following animals: (a lot at the same time.)

Dogs (11 at once), Cats, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets (3 at once), Rabbits (19 at once), Iguana, Snake, Birds, Chickens, Turkey’s, A Pig, Ducks (we even had a Mallard). There might have even been more than that, but that was all I could think of off the top of my head. Having all those animals meant we had a lot of chores and went a long way to help us learn responsibility and compassion for other living things. Although, when Bo’Jangles ate the hand off of my Little Mermaid Barbie, that didn’t do a lot for me in the compassion department, but I did learn to keep my toys out of the floor.

He was the one who was always there; he made me laugh, he did the discipline & his lectures might quite possibly have been worse than my moms. Well…almost. It was those things that let me know he really cared though as opposed to my dad’s laid-back nonchalance about everything that could seem as if he didn’t give a rats-arse if you didn’t know better. After living with my dad for a while, I really began to appreciate how much my mom and step-dad cared about me and why they had the rules they had. I loved that I was able to stay out later and that my dad seemed to trust me more, but it was my mom and my step-dad who showed the most care and concern. I’m so glad I got to experience that kind of diversity with my parents – it’s made me a much more rounded individual and I love them all for everything 🙂

Now, on to the hubby!!

I’m so sorry you didn’t get to enjoy this day as fully as we all would have liked, but hopefully, there is always next year. As a matter of fact, there’s tomorrow and everyday after. I don’t think what you do merits one measly day of recognition and appreciation. We should celebrate you in some way, big or small, every single day because you deserve it.

I want to thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made for our family and for always being there for our kids. I love to watch you laugh and play with them…it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. There really is nothing sexier in the whole world than seeing a man who is a good father to his children and you are. They definitely got lucky with you and so did I. I love how strong and tough you can be, but I also love to see those tender moments come out…that mostly happens with the girls and it’s the sweetest thing EVER! I love to watch you wrestle around with our son and how all the kids gang up on you once you start fighting with one. There are so many things…I could go on and on. But in the interest of wrapping this up because you look like you want me to get off the computer desperately (haha) I’m just going to post a few (or a hundred) old pictures I found of you with the kids.

All our love,

~Happy Father’s Day (to the bestest dad ever)~


Kira says you are her “favorite.” You’re mine, too.

James and the kids getting ready to wash the truck

*tear* :(

Hugging James goodbye :(

hee hee...

Krysta wanted to ride the horse- i mean dog- too :)

Kira wanted to ride

And really quickly, I don’t feel right closing this post without some sort of mention of my Grandaddy. He was always a father figure in my life and I miss & love him dearly.


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