My Subconscious is a Genius

Yup, doing yet another dream post.

This is the last one at least until I have some other freakishly weird or funny dream that bears repeating.

There was lots of stuff going on in this one. At one point, I was staying in this insanely large house that had clay sculptures stuck to the side of it. HUGE clay sculptures. For some reason, we were sticking with the pirate theme. There were pirate ships, swords, mermaids…

That’s all I remember about that before the scene switched to me walking down a hallway in a school. The inside actually looked like Park Elementary where I used to go as a kid. I was on a cellphone and I could hear both my husband and my sister trying to talk me at the same time on the phone. The reception was full of static and I kept trying to get to a place where I could hear them better. Before that happened, the call was lost and I found myself in front of a door. There were a bunch of people inside the teachers’ room and it looked like she had a big party going on for students and their parents. When I came in, she immediately knew who I was and the first words out of her mouth were extremely negative and all about my son. She was saying he wasn’t smart, didn’t work hard enough & how he wasn’t excelling. She said he told her he was trying (she didn’t believe him) and also that he told her he worked on his homework for an hour each night and she shook her head there as well. She said there is no way he could be working that hard. I had enough long before that because I knew how hard my baby was working and how good he was doing so I corrected her and told her that I sat with him while he worked on his homework and he always did very well. She accused me of lying so of course, I went off on her. While I was defending my son and my parenting skills, I said something to the effect of always trying my best when it comes to my family and she said “Well, I guess your best isn’t good enough, is it?”

I wanted to punch her right in her smug face and I may have because I remember reaching out towards her, but before my hand could actually connect, the scene switched to me being pissed in the hallway and looking for the principles office so I could complain about that hag.

I went up and down the halls searching until I found two faculty members and asked them where I needed to go. They took this giant square piece out of the wall (?) and we all walked through to an area that looked like a front office, but was littered with so many faculty members sitting on their boo-tays that you would have thought it was a teachers’ lounge. I was told the principle was not in by Chandler Bing of all people.
Guess I’ve been watching too many Friends re-runs. I can’t believe I didn’t talk to him more because Chandler and Phoebe are absolutely my favorite characters from the show, but whatever. I asked for a principle, he told me there was none so I turned around and who was there? Vampire Bill. That’s right people, I had a little True Blood in my dream. 

What I want to know is why it couldn’t have been Eric!? 

So moving on…





I looked at Vampire Bill and his eyes were the most vivid shade of green. I commented on it telling him his eyes were the most lovely shade of green and his response was “so is asbestos.” That’s not random at all is it? And come to find out, asbestos really is either white or green. I googled it. Even my subconscious knows stuff I don’t. Because I am such a nerd, I found this particularly cool.

Then, I asked Bill if I could talk to him about my frustrations and ever the gentleman (ick! It’s Bill!) he got up and walked with me so we could talk. I started running my mouth while we strolled along the hall and he was very patiently listening until out of nowhere my husband materialized and started walking with him and talking while Vampire Bill trailed behind us just watching. It was getting dark inside the school and we finally made it to a bathroom with a bunch of stalls (of course, it IS a school…), but the funny thing was that it still looked like we were outside under the moonlight. I guess it’s because Vampire Bill was with us and he can’t go out in the sun…who knows. Anyway, there were all these plants and grass and vines…it looked like we were in a jungle bathroom. And right in the middle of all that, there was the rusted out body of a car. James and I decided to climb in it to talk while Vampire Bill circled around keeping watch. I remember feeling better after I talked to the hubby and getting out of the car, but that was the point I woke up so I have no idea what would have happened after that. I was really hoping I’d get some Eric Northman up in my dream or maybe some Damon Salvatore,
but sadly, I have no control over which eyegasmically hot vampires I dream about. *Sigh*



3 thoughts on “My Subconscious is a Genius

    • So glad you were able to read this! You’re the whole reason I even blog about my dreams in the first place lol. I miss you so much! Glad to see you started a blog of your own!

  1. Beth……This is Fabulous 🙂 but I’m with you Eric would have have been the icing on the cake lol 🙂

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