I Love Homecomings!! *Photos*

Hi Again Peoples!!

Looks like I’ve been a blogging machine this week! Is it annoying yet? No worries, I’m not here to talk that much this time. Just here to share a few photos from a homecoming session I did last month. I  doing these so much!!!

From beginning to end:

The Waiting:


Trying to make a poster for her daddy:


Waiting patiently.

And because I love this one so much, I’m posting another version:


The guys are coming in & Heather is getting excited!


There was all kinds of fog & music when they came in, but you can’t see that part here…

This is Heather’s face right after everyone started filing in: (And the little one was getting tired, lol) Waiting is hard work!

Finally they’re released:




The family together again:


And lot’s of kissing going on…



To all the soldiers & families who have recently been reunited,


*These photos are the copyrighted property of Beth Dean at SpiffySnaps Photography (©2011). Please do not use, copy, download, print, redistribute, sell or alter these photos in any manner whatsoever without my express written permission.*

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