My Life As An Orchestra

*Cue weather-man entry theme music*

Hope everyone’s weekend is going G-R-E-A-T!

Ours has been hectic, but fun. On Friday night we had 3 of Li’l James’ friends over for a sleepover. *Cue daunting melodies* It was actually a lot of fun. We went to the fest (carnival) across the street *Cue clown music* and the boys danced on tables *Cue pole loud German’s singing American songs* , ate a giant pretzel, and acted like fools basically. So much fun to watch. Then we came home and all four boys had their heads hanging out the window to watch the fireworks show. I got tickled to death and we sang annoying songs *Cue “This is The Song That Never Ends”* and they stayed up until after 1am whispering and laughing. It’s funny how they think we can’t hear them…

*Cue secret spy theme music*

It’s the last weekend the kids get to spend in Schweinfurt so we tried to make it special. The girls got to go spend the night with one of their very good friends so all the boys had a “Boys Night” *Cue “Boys Night Out”* while the girls had a “Girls Night.” *Cue “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”* I think everyone enjoyed themselves. On Saturday, I started going through the kids’ clothes so we can mail some stuff back to my parents…that is a tedious job, by the way. I’m still not done and should be doing exactly that now, but I’m a Class A Procrastinator. No worries…we can’t mail it off until tomorrow so I’ll get it all done before then.

James also wanted me to share these that he colored online. This is for James’ cousins:

This is for all James’ PawPaws 🙂

This next one if for “Old Grump.” My Dad! 🙂

Krysta was going to do some, but she had to go to the bathroom and never came back to finish 😛 *Cue Flush*

In other news, I’ve gotten a lot of new fans on my SpiffySnaps Facebook page this weekend *Cue celebratory music*…guess it has to do with actually being active and talking to people. Imagine that! I’m thrilled! I also want to share some new pictures.


^”When I was your age I walked 3 miles uplhill barefoot in the snow to get to school….”^

Now, I *seriously* hate to do this, but I do have to get ready for our trip home on Tuesday. When we come back, it’ll just be hubby and me having some time to ourselves. *Cue bow-chicka-wow-wow instrumental music* and you may have to listen to me whine about missing my children *cue sad violin music* either for the first half of that time period or the last half…we’ll see how it goes. Either way, pray we get to go to Venice *Cue romantic Italian music* because that is what I’m crossing my fingers for!!

Until next time…



4 thoughts on “My Life As An Orchestra

  1. I’m so glad the time is almost here, that you, my brother and your precious kids will be back home…GEORGIA. I know it sounds great to say and hear it. I pray y’all have a safe trip here and back. Can’t wait to see everyone:) how long will you and James be here before you have to go back? And how long will you both be in Germany before you get to be reunited with your kids and families? Well I hope you both get to go to Venice because you both deserve this much needed alone time:) and just think, if u wasn’t” fixed” lol u would probably come home with another announcement 🙂 jk. Have fun, relax and enjoy one another! Never know how long it’ll be till you get that opportunity again!! We love you all very much. Oh and tell lil James he did a great job on the pictures he colored:D

    • Thank you Rene’! We’re definitely looking forward to it. We will only be there a few days before we leave to come back here because we may have to fly Space A back if we don’t have the funds to buy commercial tickets (and we probably won’t). I will be back about the time the kids start school and if James’ orders have not come through by then, he will come whenever the Army lets him go. If they do, then maybe we can come together….who knows. And you’re absolutely right – if I wasn’t “fixed”….oooh scary thought lol. I’ll tell James, I’m sure he will appreciate the compliment…he’s my little artist 😀

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