Healthtacular Update

First of all – THANK YOU:

For all the awesometastical, kind comments that everyone left on or about my last post. I appreciate each and every single one and wanted to reply to all of them, but how many times can you say “Thank You,” before people start rolling their eyes and telling you, “it’s okay, shut up!” We are truly blessed to have such amazing friends and family in our lives & I love you all! Your help, love, support and laughter have made this whole thing a lot more bearable and has definitely kept my own spirits up.

As a matter of fact, I’m thinking I should keep the neck brace and maybe glue some rhinestones & CZs on it so I can have better bling than this dude —>

Ya think?

The reason I wanted to make this post is just to give everyone a short update on everyone’s medical status. James had X-rays done a couple of days ago and though his ribs are still broken, the X-rays are showing that they are healing nicely and you can no longer see the break line. However, his lungs aren’t doing so well. He definitely has to start using the respiratory exerciser more often and cut back down on the smoking so he can get better there. The doctor said his lungs are actually shrinking. I don’t think I have to tell the hubs how NOT cool that is to me so if I have to I will nag him until his ears bleed about doing what he needs to do to get those lungs better.

The kids are still doing fantastic and as a matter of fact, it’s not even 10am yet and they are out on the park playing. Good stuff 🙂 My parents are scheduled to come in a couple days so I’m excited about that. The unit gave James convalescent leave today so I don’t technically need them for the help, but it will be so, so nice to have them here & I do need them in a ton of other ways. I love my family so much so being around them isn’t going to do anything but make my healing go faster.

As for me, I had an appointment yesterday that was nothing but good news so far. My vitals are excellent, breathing sounds good & it looks as if things are healing the way they should. I still have a bit more swelling than I should have at this point, but some good meds and some ice should take care of that and as soon as the swelling in my neck comes down, the pinched nerve should disappear with it! I have X-rays to check on my neck this coming Tuesday and I’ll find out then if I can go without the neck brace. If so, I start physical therapy shortly thereafter to regain the strength and mobility in my neck. If not, then I’m definitely going to go buy one of those bedazzle thingies because I’m not keeping this thing on if I can’t have some fun with it! People can sign it like a cast…hmmm…

Also, I still have this blood bruise thing on my head, but it should go away along with the hematoma (blood) in my eyes in a couple of weeks. Until then, I’m going to enjoy the fact that I kinda look like the vamps from the Vampire Diaries.

 If only both sides of my eyes were filled with blood…I’d look like Vampire Barbie!!

Except maybe without all the blood around my mouth. That’s a bit much.

Oh and I also wanted to show you what I look like this week so you can all physically see that I am at least looking better everyday. You have to excuse my bed-head & my fat face…there’s no point in bothering to fix myself up at this point so you can be sure this is a real-life, right now shot! hee hee…I also noticed that ever since the accident, my right eyebrow is very uneven and kinda naked looking.

So, there you have it. I guess I’ll make another update on Tuesday after my appointment. By then, hopefully we will know something about hubby’s med board, too. He called me today and told me it’s back, but they can’t tell him anything concrete until he sets up an appointment to be briefed on the details. I do know it’s official: he’s getting out. And it might have been hinted at that we’ll still have full benefits once he gets out which means he got over 30% from the Army and will have more added in later by the VA. Let’s hope all this is good news and that I can update you on it next week! He’s been waiting forever to hear something definite and it looks like things are finally coming together for us to get out of the military and move back home. There are definitely things I will miss about Army life though…*sigh*…but that is for another post.

I hope everyone has a spifftacular weekend! I know I’m going to. Seeing my kids’ faces when their grandparents show up is at the top of my “you have to get pictures of that” list this weekend. They don’t know they’re coming so it should be a great surprise:)

Much love to all of you!!



5 thoughts on “Healthtacular Update

  1. So glad you are healing as planned, but worried about James:( I pray he puts those nasty cigs down for GOOD. This may be God’s way of giving him the will power to stop!! And I’M SO VERY GLAD HE HAS BEEN RELEASED!! Another answered prayer for me!! I know the kids will be ecstatic to see ur parents:) wish we could all pack up and come help but its not possible bc u guys have room many friends and family that love u! I told my brother to be patient, that it will all come together and happen on God’s time. And it did! Maybe by all this great news, the healing process will be even faster bc y’all know when its over you get to come HOME TO STAY:) Well better let ya go…its only 640am here and I’m crawling BACK in the bed lol. Love you lots and will be watching for other post about visit on Tuesday! Praying for y’all. And tell my brother to please do what dr. Says. And to stop being hardheaded lol:)

    Lots of Love,


    • Oh no worries – I will tell him and I am not afraid to beat him over the head with the respiratory exerciser so he’ll use it more often, lol. He is ecstatic about the medical retirement!! I think that should have him in a good mood for a while 🙂 I can’t wait to find out the details. He’s getting 40% just for his ankle and the VA will be adding in other benefits due to his asthma, PTSD and anything else he has developed since joining the Army. Go get back in bed and try to get some rest 🙂 xo

  2. you forgot “beth is still multicolored” & “can i list my race as tie dye now?” in the tag line lol. ttyl bethimus, bc this is awkward to type for some reason. lurve ya!

    • AH! I love the tye-dye race thing!!! lol I’m going now to add it….and I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it myself! See, you’re so much more brilliant than me 😀

  3. omg.. you look sooooo much better and still absolutely beautiful even though you’re tye-die!! i love you so much and i can’t wait till you guys can come home and i can hug you (gently of course)..

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