Healthtacular Update: The Sequel

Hello All!

It’s been a rough five days without my bloggerificness, yes? No? Oh…


As most of you know, I had another appointment yesterday for X-rays to see if I could go without the neck brace.

The ballet says….

*Drum Roll* (Yes, it’s played out and yes, I’m still doing it.) But, if you know me, you’re not expecting a normal drum roll so imagine something kooky & alien sounding….

The brace is getting bedazzled! I don’t have to keep it on 100% of the time, but I do still have to wear it often. So it’s official, I will be drawing shrooms & only God knows what else on it tonight. (Pictures in next post!) I plan to let the kids draw on it and we’re going to glue all kinds of fun stuff to it, too!

I had my X-rays done yesterday, but they couldn’t tell me anything definitive because the clinic doesn’t have the original X-rays from the hospital to determine what my injury was in the first place so there is no comparison to see if anything has changed. Enough healing hasn’t taken place for them to allow me to go without the neck brace permanently, but the doctor did say that it would be fine if I went without it sometimes as long as I don’t make any sudden movements, am very careful & I put it back on immediately at the first signs of pain (which I pretty much always have lately.) We’re going to have to find a way to get the original X-rays from Offenbach (the hospital I was in) and that may require us going back up there to get them. I really hope not though. I’m kinda peeved that they didn’t give them to us in the first place. They wouldn’t even let James see his own X-rays from his ribs. What is that about?

Besides that, the only other news is that I apparently have a slipped disc, but I don’t know if I’ve always had that since the injury or if that was something that developed afterward. Again, everything depends on us seeing the original X-rays. The slipped disc is causing a lot of pain in my upper back and my arms as well as some muscle weakness so I’m really hoping that gets better because if not, there’s a possibility that another surgery could be in my future. I’m thinking I want to avoid that, thanks. My doctor here referred me to a Orthopedic doctor off post, but it takes so long for referrals to go through the insurance company and come back here that I will probably be back in the states before the thing even gets approved and have to do it all over again. By then, my injury could be healed, but if I have a slipped disc and it heals incorrectly, that could cause me to need surgery, too. But, right now, there is no concrete facts about anything…just a lot of “if”s. GRRR.

I woke up this morning with a killer headache so if that continues, it’s back to the hospital for me. Those of you that pray, please send some prayers up for me that I don’t have to do that. Being in the hospital makes me feel seven shades of crazy.

On the bright side, I did find out that my oxygen level is great so my lungs are a lot better! Also, I look human again! I am making a little bit of a sad face on that one though because soon I will no longer qualify under the heading of “Tye Dye.” 😦 I’ve got to stay positive though so I came up with something to smile about. That squishy blood bruise on my head is going down a lot so by the time I get home to GA, it should be gone completely which means my brother won’t be able to poke it to see how squishy it is which means one less pain I’ll have to endure. If you know my brother, you know he’s gonna wanna poke it…I did.

In other news….hubby’s ribs are still broken and he’s pretty much in pain all the time, but there isn’t a whole lot we can do about that. I wish I could because I hate to see him hurting so much. The kids are doing fantastic with their grandparents here. It’s pretty much a party everyday for them! 🙂 My parents have been a gigantic help to me. I haven’t done laundry or dishes since they’ve been here. How awesome is that? They helped me straighten out my storage room today and we’re going to do some more packing tonight. I don’t plan to keep them here packing and doing my laundry the whole time they’re here though. I hope we get to go out and do some fun things, too.

Kira just ran out from the hallway and informed that her hair is glittery so I’m thinking I’ve got some little heads to wash now. I’ll update later with pictures of the return of my human face! 🙂 Until next time:

Peace, Love & Chicken Grease



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