Where Are Dorothy’s Red Slippers When You Need ‘Em?

It’s me again, Margaret!

Oh…I forgot, there are some of you who aren’t country like me and have no idea what that’s from…I feel obligated to educate.

My parents are at the airport. Still. They’ve been there since about 7ish this morning, but weren’t able to catch their scheduled flight out today because all the seats were filled & they’re flying on buddy passes. If you’re military, you’ll understand what I mean when I say it’s sort of like space A. If not, think “on a space available basis only.” They’re going to try again tomorrow, but hubs and I are trying to figure out a way we can go get them, or at the very least, take them some euros so we know they can at least get something to eat while they are waiting. It bothers me that they are only two hours away from me and I can’t go spend time with them while they’re still here due to not having a vehicle at the moment. Maybe my brilliant husband will pull some awesometastic plan out of his arse here in a few minutes…he’s been known to do things like that on occasion.

They did so much for us while they were here. For a whole two weeks I didn’t have to do laundry or wash dishes and I barely cleaned a thing! My parents took care of all that and they helped us pack a lot of our stuff up so the movers wouldn’t be able to just throw it around whenever they do finally come to help get us moved. I love them so much! My dad took my dog out all the time and he took her on really long walks, let her chase rabbits & spoiled her even more than she already is. Sayte LOVES him now – it’s so sweet!! 🙂 We also ate A LOT of icecream. The girls had the cutest Mickey Mouse icecream at the Eiscafe downtown.

Have I ever mentioned that Europe has THE BEST icecream in the world? So much better than what we have in the states. That will definitely be missed…

My parents managed to discover a park right across from where we live that we have neglected to find for the entire two years we’ve lived here! And they find it a week after they get here!? I’m thinking we should probably have explored more, but whatever. I have a ton of other pictures, but here is one of my li’l man hanging out on “PawPaw & Nanna’s Park.”


Yesterday, we walked around downtown to do some shopping and spend some quality time with my parents before they left this morning and I FINALLY got to see the inside of that uber old church!

Here’s a building that I’ve always liked…or at least the viney tree things climbing up it. You’ll have to forgive my lack of botanical/floral intelligence.

I also like the girl standing on a lion head at the top of the door.

We stopped for a quick tourist-style shot of my parents against one of the doors to the church. My hams girls just had to jump in!

Here is another *better* shot of the parental unit. I figured I had better take this one so they have some pictures of themselves to hang on their wall. I’ve only seen one or two pictures of them together in my whole life!

I’ve been finding lots of graffitied walls lately. I love them! 🙂 I wish I had found them earlier because I would have done some photo shoots there. At least I got my kids!

I got one of L’il J, but he wasn’t thrilled that I made him stand up against a wall that was mostly pink & purple with a giant red heart so I’ll share some others of/with him.


We went to a German place to eat yesterday afternoon and I snapped this shot of my hubby. He says he looks old, but I think it’s a good shot. Simple & honest.

I have other pictures I’ll probably be sharing periodically, but this is it for now.

I suppose several of you are wondering why I’m out and about if I still have what is, for simplicity’s sake, a broken neck. The answer is that I still have working arms and legs and Bethy does not do bed-rest very well. Also, I am immensly enjoying the fact that I now look human again.

I was supposed to stay active so my lungs would heal up and it feels like they have healed up most of the way if not entirely. I still don’t want to just lay around though. It makes me feel worse because I get all stiff and achy if I sit still too long. I’m supposed to have that referral to the orthopedic specialist coming through, but by the time that gets here, I’ll be healed (incorrectly probably…grrr) or gone. And when I say gone, I mean my whole family and I mean for good.

It’s official, folks!

We got briefed on hubby’s medboard and he’s being permanently medically retired!! We got the ball rolling on everything he needs to do between now and the time that his orders are cut and we get to go home so hopefully we will have definitive orders in hand in as little as a few weeks! Then we won’t have to dish out a ton of money to fly home because the Army will be paying for our move! Next on the list is getting his VA benefits taken care of, but that is a long process.

We also have someone buying what’s left our truck for salvage so we should get a couple thousand out of that assuming we can get it taken care of by the 26th. I know all this paperwork and red tape is driving my poor husband nuts, but he’s good about getting things done so I think we’ll be okay. That money will definitely come in handy once we get back home.

God, I can’t wait!!

So, that’s it for the update this time. Hubs wants to watch a movie with me & if I keep him waiting too long, he’s going to turn on that God-forsaken game that I hate. Die, Black Ops, Die!!!!

Until next time….



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