Transformers, Dora & Poker

Another dream post. Beware; this one is a little crazy.

It involves all of the following:

& last but not least:

Now, are you wondering how all these things tie in together yet?

If you are, read on. If not, get outta here.

I can’t remember the details or most of the why’s & how’s so if you’re interested in making sense out of this, you might as well give that hope up right now. I can’t even make sense out of it and it happened in my head! It started off with what I assume was the beginning of the end of the world. Everything was gray and kind of dusty. There were no cars out, no one working, no kids in school. The streets were crowded with people all out of their houses who were dragging tables out into the middle of the street. There were these extremely tall buildings on either side of us and we just sat down in between them at our tables and started to play Poker of all things. I was with James and someone else who I can’t remember at the moment. I do remember telling them that I chose to learn to play Poker at that particular time so that my brother and sister wouldn’t be saying things like,”Oh yeah, those are good!” & “Ooooh, don’t do that. Please…don’t do that.” Sorry Ryan & Michele. Nothing against the two of you…things are just strange inside my head 🙂

So, as we’re sitting there playing poker, something even more strange happens. We realize the buildings are not buildings at all. They’re – you guessed it! – Transformers. Sorry y’all, there’s no Bumblebee in Bethy’s dream. They start folding in and out of these robotic shapes and they start talking (about only God knows what) and everyone except a select few people is running around in a panic because they’re afraid of them. That’s when I realize they’re telling us not to be afraid, that they’re here to help us. I even remember seeing the tallest building on the street keel over, crumbling bits of the sidewalk and the street when it landed. It was a transformer, too, but it hadn’t transformed in so long that it was stuck. It was a ginormous tan building with a metal roof of some sort that was the color blue. It stayed on the ground with me right in front of it struggling to transform and all I heard was the building grunting and yelling out expletives. It was actually kind of entertaining. When it finally managed to take its regular shape, I saw that the blue roof was actually a set of wings. This, apparently, was the only transformer in my dream that could fly. It starting picking people up to rescue them (from what, I’m not sure) and that’s when I heard someone vaguely mention something about having to pee. Then the giant transformer said, “no human is so small or insignificant for us not to stop so you can pee” and it put the person down and they ran right out of my dream. I guess I didn’t dream up port-a-potties? And considering all the buildings with working bathrooms in them were up walking and talking, I doubt they were open for service.

Now, everyone is running around in a panic until a transformer picks them up and everything is in total chaos until suddenly it’s like everyone gets it and now we’re all friends with the robot buildings. Follow me so far? Yeah…I don’t even follow me, but let’s keep trying anyway?

That’s when Dora comes in. There are two other people with her, but none of them have been picked up by a transforming building yet. That’s when Dora spots the giant building with the blue wings and starts yelling frantically for it. It marches toward her, shaking the Earth as it moves and Dora looks deliriously happy. Weird, much? She starts jumping up and down and when the transformer gets close enough, it scoops her up into a hug like they’re old friends and swings her and her friends onto it’s back. And oddly enough, the building smiles. Don’t ask me how that looked because I cannot describe it. It lets Dora hold something that it has slung around its back because its confident she will not drop it. Whatever “it” is.

Then the scene changes. It’s still the end of the world, but it’s not grey and dusty anymore. It’s dark and occasionally, I can see bursts of fire. The transformer buildings are more scrambled out now so most of the area I’m in looks deserted except for a few people scrambling around picking up paper off the ground and running to some abandoned non-transforming building. It’s mail. They’re taking the mail to a building where only a few people are staying and these people have the job of checking the addresses on the mail, making sure it’s correct and then protecting the mail until it can get where it needs to go. I have no idea why the mail is so important. Most of the stuff looked like bills anyway and when it’s the end of the world:

A.) Nobody is worried about the bills

& B.) If you want to know how to make a horrible day even worse, imagine the world ending and then someone coming up to you with a letter. You get all hopeful because this could possibly be the one and only piece of good news you will receive all day long or perhaps, for the rest of your life. And what happens? It turns out to be a bill. I can almost guarantee you the person you present this bill to will want you to bring them a rope the next time you visit them. Whether they will use that rope to strangle you or themselves is yet to be determined.

I don’t really know what happens with this part of the story, just that people are frantically taking mail to this dingy building while very dirty people hurriedly take it inside as if someone is going to try to steal it from them. Mail hoarders?

Next thing – that super-fast Mom-Scientist-woman from “No Ordinary Family.” She finds out she can run fast…big whoop – we already knew that. But she keeps running back and forth to a swing set. And then she has all these children surrounding her so she can’t run back and forth to the swing set and it’s killing her. At one point, she’s leading a group of children somewhere and one is walking in front with her holding her hand. The kid’s hand is rubbing hers raw, but even though she’s bleeding everywhere and it hurts really badly, she won’t let go. I remember seeing her walk passed the swing set with the kid who is killing her hand and she looks longingly at the swing set…another odd moment. I don’t know what happens with this part of the story either.

I do know that I woke up to my husband telling me my hair looked like Medusa so that was nice :/…then I said, “I had a weird dream.”

He said “about what?”

I paused.


Then we both had a good laugh.


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