Girl Power! (Oops…I had a “Spice Girls” moment…)

I have been waiting to post these for a while! You can’t imagine how excited I am! (Because normal people don’t get so excited over family photos.)

These were a surprise for a deployed hubby & I didn’t want to ruin it by having it get back to him via the internet before he got a chance to be surprised by his wife and daughters so I’ve waited (not so) patiently to be able to show these to the rest of you. This is (part of) the Bromell family. These girls are so amazingly sweet and look how color coordinated they are? Shauna obviously has some mom powers that I am lacking because A.) I could never find outfits that match this well for all my children & B.) There is no way I could keep all that white clean for more than 10 seconds.

I’m so glad I got the pleasure of doing this for them!!

^Don’t you just want to hug her!?^

So sweet!

She’s so pretty it’s ridiculous!

And last, but not least: My favorite.


I just have one question: How does dad handle living in a house with all those girls? It’s obvious he’s either very tough (i.e: can handle anything) or very smart (i.e: just nod and agree, man -just nod, and agree). It’s possible he’s both.


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