Dear Monday;

Dear Monday,

I know most people usually go on & on about how much they hate you, but I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that I do not hate you. In fact, I love you! At least this Monday, August 1st, 2011. Would you care to know why? Of course you would! Monday never gets love letters. Friday, Saturday, Sunday….they all get love letters.

Wednesday is widely & affectionately known as hump-day while Thursday is generally liked solely for it’s close proximity to Friday, but Monday is continuously shunted for being most everyone’s typical first day of the work-week. Back to the daily monotony of life – yada, yada, yada; blah, blah, blah & so on & so forth.

I think it’s time you got some credit for being super-fantastically-awesome.

So, here you are: Your very own “I Heart Monday” List!

I Heart Monday…because this Monday is my sweet & extra special nephew’s 5th birthday! It would be so much cooler if I could be with him today, but you’ve managed to make it up to me, Monday. Read further people…you’ll see why!

♥I Heart Monday♥…because this Monday is the day my amazing husband got his orders back. Does anyone besides Monday & myself know what this means? It means that I could be with the rest of our family by this weekend!!! (^this was the whole reason for this post!^)

I Heart Monday…because it is the day I first saw this. Watch. It speaks for itself.

Yes, I’ve been having a bit of TVD withdrawal, hence the reason I’ve been making so many TVD related things.

I Heart Monday…because of my aforementioned TVD withdrawal syndrome & all the stuff I’ve been making, I made my first ever wallpaper. Of course, dork that I am, it’s TVD related.

Mine is HUGE so I had to make this tiny version for everyone else to see 🙂


CLICK HERE TO SEE A SCREENSHOT OF WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE ON MY COMPUTER. (Yeah, I’m dorky like that. I thought we established this already?)

I can make one that fits your screen exactly so if you’re just as dorky & unashamed as I am, feel free to leave your screen res in the comments & I’ll reply with a link to where you can download this wallpaper for yourself 🙂 If you don’t know your screen res you can always go here to find out:


Moving on-

I Heart Monday…because of all the great news you’ve brought me!

I Heart Monday…because my son was born on a Monday 🙂 That Monday also happened to be my grandaddy’s birthday, too. ♥

I Heart Monday…because we didn’t have a horrible wreck on Monday. That was a Tuesday…bleh. [Dear Tuesday, do not think even for a second that you are getting a love letter from this girl anytime soon.]

I Heart Monday…because it’s the *usual* first day of the week when my children will all be going back to school again and I will have mommy time! 🙂 Or wait…ME time; that’s what I’m having. I have mommy time every second that the kids are here; when they’re gone, I am not “Mommy”- I am just “Bethy.”

I Heart Monday…because it feels like a fresh start, being the beginning of a new week & all ;D

I Heart Monday…because it’s a chance to share my weekend ‘up-to-my-eyeballs-in-my-kids’-poop’ stories with innocent by-standers. Speaking of–

Alright, alright! I’ll spare you. This time.

There is no shortage of reasons why you’re all kinds of spifftastical, Mr. Monday, but this is where I have to end the list for now. You & I have lot’s of tasks to accomplish together & we will never get anything done if I don’t stop going on about how amazing you are.

Lot’s of love,


To everyone else, feel free to give Monday some props in the comments! I think they’re overdue! But a warning: No “Tuesday is awesome!” comments because Tuesday & I are currently not speaking, thank you very much. I am boycotting Tuesday until further notice. [Yeah, that’s right, Tuesday…go ahead. Grovel for my forgiveness.]

Also, don’t forget to post your screen res if you want one of those nifty backgrounds I made 😛 And don’t laugh…you may not like TVD the way I do or even vampires for that matter, but there’s no denying that this dude is *a hem* very, very pretty *goofy grin* which is a reason to watch in & of itself.

I’d listen to me. I’m a pretty smart girl 😉

11 thoughts on “Dear Monday;

  1. You are such an entertaining writer!!! GREAT, GREAT news!!!! Will be good to have you back in the states and especially Georgia!

  2. Daniel says TGIM every week! That post was great! I am so excited that yall are coming home! YAY! That makes me happy in my heart!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Love you sooooooooooooo much sis!

  3. Yay! I love you bethy, and I’m super happy for you. You are such a talented writer, photographer, and now apparently graphics artist! Lol. *hugs*

  4. I use to love Mondays cause you couldn’t by beer on Sunday nights so Monday was my no hangover day. 😀

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