Chicken & Mouse

Here I go again, doing two posts in one day. As incredibly annoying as I know it must be, this one is for a good cause: the laughter of the world. Or at least my little piece of it. A couple of weeks ago (possibly three) my parents were here & I coerced forced my poor mother to record a song with me to demonstrate that it can be done on the awesomeness that is my Mac computer. And also to have a recording to use for potential black-mail purposes later on (which is useless by the way, considering I’m 25 and no longer have any need to blackmail my mother into giving me anything I want). Hey, I should have done that when I was sixteen! (Nah…again, useless because it wouldn’t have worked. Thankfully. And anyway, I wouldn’t have been brave stupid enough to try it!)

See if you can guess who is doing which parts and you must listen to the very end because I think the very last words uttered on this recording are the funniest part of the whole thing. This was just for fun and took all of five minutes to do so excuse the little extremely large hick-ups. (And I do mean “hick”-ups.) I promise to post a decent one of me singing in my normal voice later on, but I don’t know when that will be because

A.) I am a giant chicken.

B.) I need to be alone (i.e – it needs to be SILENT!)Β Silence! I kill you!Β for me to do it.

C.) I can’t seem to pick a song. (Help?)

Anyway, without further ado (because we all know I’m stalling – see exhibit A above) here is “Mouse Cheater.”Β Or “Cheater Mouse”, whichever you prefer. [Feel free to come up with a better name!]

Cheater Mouse

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