Reality Recap (Only Way More Fun)

Remember yesterday’s post? And how I shared what was meant to be amazingly-super-fantastic-spiffiliciously-wonderful news? I have a habit of doing that a bit prematurely when I’m excited. 😦

However; that is not the case this time! And rather than just coming out and telling you the news in the typical (Translation: easy boring easy & boring) way, I have decided to do it a different (Translation: harder more fun) way.

A recap! (If this were karaoke, the words “in the style of Thomas Galvin” should follow.)


Bethylicious: Dear Monday; I love you. P.S. I hate Tuesday.

Tuesday: hates you, too. *Wreck!*

Bethylicious: ANYWAY *ignores Tuesday completely* Monday, I can haz good news?

Monday: Damon. Shirtless.

Bethylicious: I can haz good news!

Monday: Also, you’re coming home soon!

Bethylicious: Your ideas intrigue me & I would like to receive your newsletter…

Everyone else: YAY! WHEN?

Bethylicious: uh….I’ll get back to you on that.


Bethylicious: Wakes up at 6am. And stays awake. =-D

Tuesday: Let’s make up!

Bethylicious: hmpf.

Tuesday: *Sing song voice* My gift is better than Monday’s

Bethylicious: …it’s possible that I may be slightly intrigued…

Tuesday: Is it ‘further notice’ yet?

Bethylicious: That depends. What’s this news that is allegedly better than Monday’s news?

Tuesday: Is. It. ‘Further. Notice.’ YET?

Bethylicious: Fine. Pushy, much? Boycott over. I officially declare today Universal Further Notice Day. Also to be known as I-Don’t-Want-Tuesday-To-Die-Anymore Day. Or I-Forgive-You Tuesday. But if my family ever has another wreck on a Tuesday, I will see to it that you are banned from the days of the week until the end of time!

Tuesday: =-D [She is SO easy.]

Bethylicious: *still waiting*

Everyone Else: STILL WAITING!

Tuesday: You’re *officially* coming home this weekend!

Bethylicious: =O !!!!!! =-)

Tuesday: looks at Monday smugly.


Georgia: Welcome Home!

Sunshine: Welcome Home!

Bethylicious: God, I love you both.


Tuesday: *Puts on her smarty-pants cat-eye shaped glasses & reads the fine print in a voice that sounds eerily like mine*

Other details you might be interested to know: I will not be available for jumping the day I get home. Any and all jumping including, but not limited to: hugging (bear or otherwise), kissing, Ninja sneak attacks, partying, & yelling & screaming like wild monkey’s at me will have to wait until I’ve awoken from a day long jet-lag induced coma. The hubs isn’t coming with this time, but he will be coming shortly after. He has a lot of clearing stuff to do & I have a lot to help him with before this weekend, so off I go! 

Thanks for reading! Buh-bye! *Waves* (I’m not ashamed to admit that I did actually wave at the computer. Otherwise, it would have been a lie & I have been rigorously teaching my children not to lie. Lead by example.) =-)


3 thoughts on “Reality Recap (Only Way More Fun)

  1. so no traditional semi-tackling while screeching group hug which concludes with bouncing on tiptoe then? i can dig it it if means you’re back!
    “can you dig iiiiiiiiiiiit?”
    i sure can, bc this is a spiffitudinous situation!

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