No McBeer Here! (But they do have sweet tea!)

Hello Blog World!

I’ve missed you!

I do have to admit that being back home kinda trumps being able  to type out my random mind poop to strangers, but I’ve missed you nonetheless. I realize most of you are not strangers, but I often wonder how many strangers there really are reading what I write. I assume most of them think I’m crazy and do not return after the first unfortunate (but mildly entertaining) visit. I also wonder how many times I can over-use the word “strangers” in a single paragraph. Those of you who read Stephenie Meyer’s first novel should be having flashbacks of over-used verbs and phrases right now. I’ll wait.


So, have you missed the bloggerificness? I hope that while I was writing regularly I was able to put a smile on most of your faces. I say “most of your faces” because some of you are missing quite a bit of teeth; don’t get me wrong – I want you to smile, too! Just with your mouth closed please. Kidding, Kidding!!! Don’t take offense  but really, keep your mouth closed.

Are you dying to know what I’ve been up to the last few weeks other than neglecting the blog? No…no, not reallyI’ll tell you…it’s all been very interesting. (<sarcasm/>)

There was the flight home, which was long & the ride home, which was also long but not nearly as long as the flight & not nearly as air conditioned, but much more comfortable even factoring in the heat. It’s HOT here. (I wish I could make it so the word “hot” had flames coming off the top of it for emphasis.) Of course, it’s hot! It’s GEORGIA! I’m loving it. I’d be loving it more if I weren’t sweating like a two-dollar hooker. (This is the part where someone would bang the cymbals together if this were a really bad comedy act.) When we got outside the airport, Kira said (as if it was the most surprising, exciting thing ever) “it’s warm here!” (<—-understatment of the century).

We’ve had a couple nice REAL storms since I’ve been here. Nothing like the rain in Germany, thank the Lord. What else can I tell you?

Staying with the parental unit, out in the woods, no cell phone signal, no internet. I’m actually sitting at McDonalds stealing (shhh) their wi-fi to publish this post 😛

You’d think I would die. Even though I really miss the whole instant gratification thing (i.e – “I’m hungry – let me update my Facebook status!” or “I lack knowledge on this particular subject; super Google powers activate!”) I really am enjoying just being left alone for the most part. What I do not like is my inbox overflowing & not being able to answer business related emails. But what am I doing at McDonald’s instead of checking my emails? Blogging. Blogger dedication, yes?

I also don’t like texting my status & comments to Facebook & having them appear in the wrong place. I made a comment to a friend about a zumba class that went to a post I made on groceries…I wonder how many people thought that was on purpose considering how random I can be.

The kids have started school & they really seem to like it so far, but let me tell you – they are being way too grown up about it. They want to do everything themselves & seem to have no problem adjusting to the new surroundings, kids, teachers, ect & they haven’t cried once for me to stay with them or even asked me to help. I’m so PROUD of them!! But at the same time, I’m a little fed up with this growing thing. Couldn’t they stay Kira’s age forever?

The little one is on the waiting list for Pre-K, but I’m hoping to get a call about that so she can go to the same school as her brother & sister instead of having to be dropped off elsewhere in the mornings. She really wants to start school, too…she’s so bored at home, poor thing.

Sayte is coming home on Friday! I miss my furry baby! My BIG furry baby…(cue “aw” sounds now…)

We’re looking into renting a place soon, but I don’t want to say too much about it because I have a habit of jinxing myself. There are tons of examples, but one would be when I posted about us coming home to drop off the kids and how I was looking forward to coming back and it just being James & I.  See how badly that backfired?

I will say that so far, things with the house are going well. Those of you that pray…please do so whenever you feel it’s appropriate. And thank you in advance!

Moving on –

Since I’ve come home, it’s been familiar & comfortable & fabulous *noodle wrist + lisp* , of course, but there are some things that I’m still getting used to. It’s funny how two & a half years in Germany can make a lifetime at home seem odd. I’ll give you some examples:

We have REAL coke here! Not that watered down stuff they have in Germany, but REAL coke that tastes like….how coke tastes….in Heaven. I keep wanting to drink coke all the time now. Hello extra weight, how not nice to see you….bleh.

 SWEET TEA! I can get sweet tea at almost any restaurant I go to now & it doesn’t have lemon or anything else nasty in it provided they clean the tea containers like their supposed to. Having said that, I can’t tell you how many places I’ve been to where I’ve ordered coke because I actually forget that I can have tea. It’s a win-win though because the coke is AWESOME! 😛

I can go to a restaurant & order in English without having to say the words “Sprechen Sie Englisch?” first thing. (I actually did that here in case you were wondering.)

Saying “Thank You” instead of “Danke” to random strangers. (I’ve also done the “danke” thing since coming home. On numerous ocassions.)

I keep looking for recycling receptacles. I can’t get used to throwing plastic, paper & aluminum cans into the trash cans. It literally bothers me. Once we get in our own place, I have to recycle. My family is going to hate me because I’m going to make them do it, too but at least we’ll be making a miniscule attempt to be environmentally conscious!

French fries. The good ones. That is all I have to say about that.

Never being able to go anywhere without seeing someone that I know. It’s good & bad at the same time. When I first got home I was a little overwhelmed with all the excitement & activity (i.e – hoopla) & I had to get used to it again. I’ve been here about 2 weeks now & I’m still not used it, but I figure it’s going to take more than a week to get used to being bombarded with hugs everywhere I go & by the time I do actually get used to it, people will stop doing it (although Taryn disagrees with the hugging coming to a halt.)

TV. American TV. Cartoons the kids recognize & can understand. I’m not entirely sure whether this is good or bad. I want them outside as much as humanly possible since we have all this glorious sunshine!

The fact that the kids no longer want to sit in front of the TV & prune up like they wanted to before we came to Germany & I kicked them out of the house when there was good weather. It makes me happy in my heart that they seemed to have retained a desire to go outside & play instead of rotting their brain with Spongebob.

Carrying a cell phone again. I’m not sure that one counts though because I’m already used to the cell phone being my lifeline again. I am getting used to how to operate all this modern technology again. I very rarely carried a cell phone in Germany & it was one of those cheap, sturdy affairs…you know what I mean.

There are other things I wanted to say, but I am currently supposed to be visiting with Tar-Bear & I’m being horribly rude by typing away on my computer while she sits patiently waiting for me to get my arse off here & pay attention to her. It’s like being married, isn’t it? Cheap shot…sorry y’all. Being married isn’t always like that, but it was too easy…I couldn’t resist. Husband, I miss you & I’m glad I’ll be seeing you again soon! I will spare the rest of you the mushy stuff & just stick with a simple “I Love You.”

You may not see me posting for a while until we get the internet back, but rest assured that once we do, I’ll be back to bugging the bejeesus out of all of you again. We have to get the house (which is fabulous, by the way! And yes, I said “fabulous”….please bend your wrist flamboyantly while you say it with a lisp, it makes it so much more fun to say!) as well as several other things like a refrigerator to put in it, a washer & dryer and oh yeah! – There’s that big thing that we need called  “a vehicle” that people tend to have in these modern times. I know my parents don’t mind helping us, but relying on them for a way to go for more than a couple months is, shall we say….less than desireable. I appreciate all the help they’ve given us thus far so taking anymore would be taking advantage of them though I’m sure they would disagree. I am incredibly blessed to have such a great family!

Until next time –

Be Excellent To Eachother


2 thoughts on “No McBeer Here! (But they do have sweet tea!)

  1. i wish i could give you ten stars just for the bill and ted reference.. i love you.. and btw.. am *hopefully* starting my art institute classes for graphic design on september first. i would have posted this to your facebook page, but knowing you for the self proclaimed blog whore you are.. i knew you’d be more likely to see it here.. glad you’re back in the land of the normal again.. i mean, normal for us.. for the rest of the world, not so much.. but, y’know.. we’re not like other people.. we’re SPECIAL.. loves you ❤

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