Wi-Fi Hi-Jacker


Hello from the Huddle House! Doesn’t it seem to anyone other than me as if I’m starting my own chain of restaurant blogs? The last one was from McDonald’s.

It’s been over a month since my last post. Astonishing, isn’t it? I bet I look beetter, huh?  I’ve been online a few times since my last post (hence the “Wi-Fi Hi-Jacker” thing), but not long enough to have posted anything here & for some reason, it’s like my writing mojo decided to take a vacation so I haven’t been pre-typing them into the word program on my computer for later publishing like I know I should be. Eh, oh well. These things just fly right off the top of my head anyway…I seem to work better that way.

So what’s new, Scooby Doo?

Besides the fact that I’m wearing a T-shirt that says “I Love Powder” when I really don’t, here’s what I can think of right off the top of my head:

*We got a new house & I love it! We’re renting right now, but we may have the option to buy later so keep your fingers crossed and prayers going up for us. I would love to buy it, but I’m not trying to decide right away. I do love the yard, though. A big front yard with two pear trees, a pecan tree, a fig tree & a crab-apple tree! Did I mention there is a tire swing? The back yard is huge & entirely fenced in & there are muskadines growing back there, too. If I didn’t spell that right, you know what I mean & they are delicious! 🙂

*We’re still looking for a new car, but hubby is also still looking for a job so job first – car later. Luckily, I have the best family in the whole world & my uncle is loaning us his boat van for a little while.

*I am well on my way to getting SpiffySnaps up and running officially again! I have my price list finished & am currently working on package prices. It’s all coming together nicely though so I should be back in business by the end of October/beginning of November. And the most awesome thing is that I’m starting out with a special so everybody gets a discount right away! How cool is that?

*My mom & I got into a new business. Who likes their online shopping? *raises hand frantically* MeMEme!!! We have a web-store now! What stores are included? Say it with me….WAL-MART! Home Depot, Dish Network, Verizon, The Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon.com, E.L.F makeup! ect. ect. The list goes on.

Almost any store you can think of is on our site and the coolest part is that if you go through our site to get to the stores you like to shop at, you can save anywhere from 1%-5% on all your purchases through the rewards mall. I know that sounds measley, but it’s 1-5% more than you were saving, right?

Plus, it helps us out, too! We’d be grateful if you would check it out!

www.fhtmus.com/bethdean If it asks for a password or Rep ID#: 2690656 Look for the little icon that says “FHTM Rewards Mall” to find all the good stores.  

It looks like this: rewards mall

If you’re interested in learning how you can make a little extra cash by doing this, too, just let me know & I’ll get the info to you.  Also, if you’re close by, we have meetings every Wednesday at Luke’s Pub in Ellerslie at 6:30pm. Mom & I aren’t always there, but if you’re interested in going, just let me or mom know & if we’re available, we’ll go with you!

*ALL 3 KIDS ARE IN SCHOOL! They get on the bus at 6am (<—which means this Zombie Momma has to get up at 5am to get them ready…) & they don’t get off the bus at home until after 4pm so I have a good chunk of the day to do…whatever! 🙂 Which usually means running around with hubby while he’s trying to find a job, taking/editing pictures or else working on my price lists, but still – it’s mommy time without the li’l monsters. I sure do miss them during the day, though.

*My little man is a football player and baby girl is a cheerleader! Anyone who really knows me – can you see MY child as a cheerleader? But she likes it and it’s crazy cute so whatever. My kids are about the only people in existence who can make this girl cheer and enjoy it. For those of you that are curious, they’re little Broncos. ❤

*Hubby got a new tattoo! A spider-web on his elbow.

Can you tell he had no desire to be in this picture? He says it’s not finished yet because he still has to get the shading done.

So far, this is all the mind poop that is floating to the top of the bottomless bowl of information I’m willing to share at this time, but I’m hoping I can be back soon. I’m planning on having internet out at my house sometime in October so I can continue to entertain you with my idiot-fabulousness!

Until then, I’ll leave you with this sort of big-eyed serious(ish) look to try to hypnotize you into doing your online shopping at my store…or at the very least, make you laugh at my flimsy attempts to be persuasive. </look into my eyes!/>

Here you can see how deceiving looks are because I look like a pretty sweet person, but in reality, I could be thinking about breaking some knee caps…you should think about that.

*Makes a paranoid face while looking about* That was supposed to be mildly funny…don’t sue me.

Lots of love to y’all!

(until next time)


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