Conspiracy Theory: Phototastical Edition!

It’s Photo-Pimpin’ time!!!

When I first got home, I was already in cahoots with a friend to surprise his girlfriend (my best friend) with some photos. Nevermind the details of how that little conspiracy was created, but to give you some idea of how you surprise someone with pictures when they have to be in those pictures, I will give you the abridged version:

She thought she was surprising him when in reality, he was surprising her. It was a delicate situation and if even one of us let something slip, it never would have worked, but miraculously enough, we’re all fantastic actors or so it would seem.

Here are some of the results 🙂

This face is SO Anna…

Rolled up in her boyfriend’s comforter that she “stole” from his house while he was working. Her sister took it back while Anna & I were still shooting, but all their efforts to be mischievous were in vain. There was a scent left behind from some shimmery perfume that Anna had on & he could smell it from downstairs way before he even got his room. But to protect the whole surprise, he never said anything to Anna about it. *Evil Laugh*

There are other comforter shots, but they show too much cleavage I think so I’m leaving those out. If Annabell wants to pimp out the cleavage, that’s her prerogative 😛

And we’re moving on to some of my favorite shots!

Big Tease, huh?

I’m seriously considering watermarking all my boudoir shoots with “SpiffySnaps Tease”…what do we think?

And on to the family shots!!

I love that last one.

For now that’s all because unfortunately, I have other things to do besides post pictures all day. I know…it sucks, right?

So, I’m off to be an adult now. Have a great day! And I’ll be back with more pictures once I get a chance to post again. For now, if you’d like to see more, just check out my facebook and/or flickr page. I’ve been post-happy today!



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