Laugh; It’s Fun.

It’s a super-quick post today!

First, a mini-update:

No internet yet. Still stealing the wi-fi I’m afraid.

Hubby has a job! It’s temporary, but it pays. I’m afraid the hours are going to kill my poor hubs, but he’s a tough guy; he can take it. And in the meantime, I’m going to try to spoil him when he’s home 🙂 Speaking of – today is his birthday!! 29…shhh…don’t tell him I told you that.

I’m taking appointments for Christmas photos & session fees are $50. I’d love to do it with no session fees, but a girls’ gotta pay her rent. *sigh*

The Littlest Dean has been sick this week. Poor baby has been so miserable and you know what comes next. All the other kids get sick and last, but not least, mommy gets it. On the to-do list today: Stock up on Vitamin C ’cause momma’s don’t get sick days!

Funny Story:

I woke myself up laughing this morning. How weird is that? But really…is there a better way to wake up than with a smile on your face? Um…NO.

I kept having all these little snatches of dreams and I was telling myself that I needed to get up. So here I am, steadily trying (& failing) to wake myself up so I can get my day started and nothing is really happening because I’m in that little land of sleep where you can hear what’s going on reality, but you can’t participate in it. I would tell myself I was getting up and it felt like I was…until I realized I was still dreaming. And then another little piece of a dream would start, I would dream I was waking myself from it and then here it would go around again. My little comatose cycle I guess. I can’t remember any of the dreams except for the last one.

I was walking around my house wearing a black knee length pleated skirt that looked more like something a Scottish bag player would wear than me, two of my husband’s tank tops; one black and one white. With it, I had on sandles…with neon orange leopard print socks. My husband was laughing at me & when I looked down at myself and realized what I was wearing, I started to laugh at myself. That is when I woke up with a giggle in my throat and the hubs asked me what was wrong with me. Apparently, screaming in your sleep is a sign of sanity and completely acceptable, but laughing in your sleep is totally abnormal. It was a good start to the day.

Now, here’s a laugh for you if you haven’t already seen it on my facebook page. I love this child. I want to record his precious southern accent so you all can adore it and agree about how cute it is 😛 But for now, all you get is this awesome face. How can anyone look at this and not smile?

Please note the watermark. It’s different 🙂 I love Shrooms (not as in “Shroom Kool-Aid” or anything else illegal…) so I decided to draw one and turn it into a watermark. I don’t know how often I’ll use this, but it was a fun thing to mark a fun picture. Who knows…maybe one day it’ll be my signature and all anyone will have to see on a photo is a mushroom and they’ll know it’s mine….A girl can dream, right?


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