Bye-Bye Sea Monster, Hello 2012

Hello Again Blog World!!!

It’s great to be back online again. Literally…I just got my internet fixed at home today after more than three weeks of trying, calling, waiting & cussing. Not an experience I wish to recap for you (you would find it incredibly boring anyway) but I will say that I am not an advocate of AT&T and their horrible customer service. End of (that particular) story. I do have lot’s to update you on though & most of it is actually pretty hilarious if you’ll just bear (bare?…okay maybe not) with me ’til the end.

HAPPY 2012 to all of you y’all! <—I’ve decided to let my Southern come out more this year. I hope this year is good to you & yours all the way around. 2011 wasn’t the most fantastic year for me, but all things considered, it wasn’t the worst either. My family could have died in 2011, but thank God, here we are getting to enjoy 2012 so I can’t & won’t complain.

I want to tell you about all the things I missed telling you while I was mostly MIA, but so much of it I have either forgotten, doesn’t seem as important anymore or don’t feel like reliving so instead I’m just going to tell you about the most recent, most exciting things. Before I get to the funny stuff, though, I need to share some news that you may or may not care about, but makes me all kinds of happy in my heart! You can now proof and order your photos right from my photography website! It’s a new site so you have to use a different address ( ) to access it, but at the end of this year, I can transfer my domain name ( to that site and everything won’t be as confusing for those of you that have been visiting I think the site itself is so much nicer than the one I was using which is hosted by so please check it out. Sorry webs, but zenfolio has you beat by a long shot. I’m looking forward to adding Fine Art prints for sale, too!

Moving on—–>

Here’s what you missed at the end of MY 2011:

December 30th was my birthday! Yay me! 26. I spent that whole day with my cousin undoing a particularly epic fail in the hair-coloring department. An amazing friend of mine did it for me and while she’s wonderful & I’d never trade her for anything in the world, I wasn’t feelin’ the Sea Monster vibe that her creative hair-coloring techniques left me with. So why did I do it in the first place?

My friend has the coolest looking hair so naturally, I got a bit of hair envy. Thing is, it only looks good on her. And other people who are not me. When I was a teenager, I did all kinds of goofy stuff to my hair and never thought twice about it so foolishly, I thought I might do the same kind of impulsive, random crap that I did back then just to get a little sense of freedom from the whole Mom-Housewife thing. Since the only thing I’ve NEVER done is color my entire head some wild and crazy, unnatural color I figured that was the only thing left on the list for me to cross off.

Do I really need to tell you that I shouldn’t have crossed it off? Ever.

It looks more green in this picture than it actually was, but yikes…you’ll never have to remind me not to revisit this color, that’s for sure.

My friend, who was so sweet about the fact that I hated it, God bless her, brought me some color-oops because I hated it so much that I wouldn’t even leave the house. I hope and pray that I didn’t make her feel bad, but I probably did – unintentionally of course – so for that I’m incredibly sorry. Maybe I’m just not as cool and brave as she is.

Thank the lord for my cousin, Jen, because without her help, I would have just screwed it up even more. I was afraid to use the color-oops by myself so she came over and helped me out. It got the green out, but I was left with a bleach-blonde-hooker look and I wasn’t about to walk around lookin’ like Draco Malfoy’s sister so I had Jen put a color that was similar to my regular blonde back in. Problem is, the blonde dye just brought the Sea Monster back to life. *Cue Daunting Orchestra Music*

I forgot to take a picture until Jen was more than half way through trying to fix it, but maybe you’ll be able to get a small sense of how bad it was from this crappy cell phone picture.

So, at the risk of killing more brain cells & hair follicles & determined to have that awful, craptacular, crap out of my head, we did this:


I don’t like it as much as I do my blonde (which I miss! *sad face*), but it actually doesn’t look bad. It probably looks better in person than in pictures (or maybe that’s just me) but I honestly like it. It brings out my blue eyes and makes me feel like a bada$$ so I can live with it. 😛

Now, who doesn’t like to see New Year’s pictures? They’re usually filled with people’s drunken foolishness, which is always fun to watch. Ours was more tame than your typical New Year’s party, but we still got some pretty funny moments. Enjoy!

Ryan trying to lick Anna (EW), My Brother-in-Law Mark and then Me & Anna trying to take a picture of ourselves but only getting our eyes…I thought it was funny 🙂

Cousin Jen feelin’ happy 🙂 My brother, Ryan with my BFs glasses on…silly. And Jen licking Ray, her hubby. That’s her mom having a laugh in the background.

Dr. Evil? The next one in line is a picture of Jen taking a picture of her mom and Ryan together and then last we have my cousin TJ and my son who is…hanging around.

Again with the licking? Then, Jen & I with our “Red Solo Cup”s. Can you guess who the eyeballs belong to?

Me and my brother. And apparently, Ryan was the popular guy of the night. ^^^

Apparently nobody told Ryan we aren’t into Cousin Lovin”.

 <—this is the only kind of photo my hubs knows how to take.

Also, Jen – If you read this – can I get those videos you took on your phone? It might be fun to post some of those 🙂

I’m ending here for tonight, but I’ll leave you with this 🙂 Enjoy & Good night!





2 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Sea Monster, Hello 2012

  1. love the blog. so far I have had blonde blonde and lucille ball red, unintentionally thanks to a beautician who didn’t believe me when I said to take the curlers out after five minutes and so had to straighten my hair and then told me to come back in three days and she would fix it. yup..took the hair to lucille ball red and I was heading home for the holidays that year.

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