Awards, Kudos & Random Useless Facts

I got a nice surprise when I woke up this morning afternoon.

*Sings softly to the tune of Joy To The World:

♫♪God bless the hubs who wakes the kids,

he got them on the bus.

I went back to bed and laid my sleepy head

down on my pillows few,

don’t you wish you could have, too?

Don’t you wish you could have, too?♪♫

<—Okay, maybe not. But you have to admit, my lyrics don’t suck that bad! Anyway, I want to thank danLrene ©2011 at Work the Dream for my nice surprise today. She nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award.

According to the rules, I have to:

  • Nominate 15 other bloggers
  • Inform my nominees
  • Share 7 random facts about myself
  • Thank those who nominated me
  • Add a picture of the award to this post

So, here goes! I’m hoping it’s okay to nominate the one who nominated you because I am definitely doing that.

Congrats to my nominees!

  • Work The Dream – danLrene ©2011 She’s got some beautiful poetry 🙂
  • Blood, Sweat & Peanut Butter – tiffany198549 (One of my favorite bloggers thus far!)
  • orangespicedrop – mkultra76 – Definitely some interesting things going on there.
  • Car – Rebekah Webb AKA Car Johnson – I don’t care what anybody says; interviews with inanimate objects are funny.
  • Bluebird Blvd. – Courtenay Bluebird – This is just really great writing. Period.
  • Little Big – LittleBig – Even though she mostly shares tweets, all of her posts are really entertaining & I find her very unique.
  • So Here’s The Thing… – Stephanie – Her posts are about her everyday life, but she never fails to make it entertaining.
  • sueseesit – Susy – She doesn’t post incredibly often & she’s about as blunt as she can be, but she definitely knows how to debate!
  • Girl on the Contrary – Girl on the Contrary – I have not read much of this blog (yet) but what I have read is fantastic. Worth the follow.
  • Grammaniac – Grammaniac – This, my friends, is a girl after my own heart. My loved ones call me an English professor? Just wait ’til you read this blog.
  • A Happy Day – Jacqueline – She has some amazing pictures of just everyday things. I have to set out to really take a great photograph and it’s like she can walk down the street and snap one without even thinking about it.
  • Blank Stares & Blank Pages – Jeremiah Graves – Always amusing 🙂
  • Kat’s Korner – Sassy Darlin’ – Seriously? Look at her name. Southern. Which is why I love it.
  • Fibromy-Awesome – Mary – A perfect example of dealing with life’s poo-piles in a positive, humorous way. Another favorite blog.
  • Tinfoil Dinosaur – Sam S Mullins – I have only read one of his posts thus far, but I know I’ll be going back to read plenty more. What can I say? I like his dry sense of humor.

So there’s my list. Admittedly, I found most of these while perusing Freshly Pressed because all the best stuff gets posted there and I have wasted way too much time clicking on random blogs and reading them only to find that they were filled with empty, meaningless, craptacular things that I care nothing about.

Next on the agenda?

7 Random Things About Me

Fair warning: It’s entirely plausible that this may end up as my “About Me” later on. Or at least parts of it.

  • I hate the smell of mayonnaise. Like really, really hate it.
  • I (with the help of a few other certifiable friends) created my own language in high school. And yes, we actually use it occasionally. Still. Ioftruveboogerrotten.
  • I am embarrassed to admit that I have actually written fan fiction. You know, that stuff that people write when they love a certain book or television show so much that when that book or show ends, they feel compelled to carry it on somehow because they feel empty without it. Yup, that’s me. It seems more embarrassing than it really is until you consider the fact that I’m 26 and I do this. The only thing that gives me any peace is that I know people in their 40s who do it, too. To you I say, God Bless You.
  • I’m pretty sure that there’s a little land taking up residence inside my head where my brain should be and in it, psychedelic mushrooms grow, unicorns & fairies roam around freely & it’s so colorful in there that it looks like Lisa Frank threw up inside my head. If you doubt me, read some of my past blog posts and tell me if any of what I write could come from a place less peculiar than what I just described.
  • I have way too many interests & can’t seem to stay focused on just one. I don’t think I’m your typical brand of ADD, but there’s certainly something going on with my inability to focus on one creative pursuit at a time.
  • It’s really hard to write seven random things about myself so in my feeble attempt to get the last two…I’ve never done drugs. Despite what my whole “land of mushrooms & unicorns instead of a brain” revelation might have led you to believe.
  • Bear with me on this one. I am really sweet. Or so everyone tells me. Except that I’m not. (Long, ranty explanation below 🙂

I can be, but I have a sneaking suspicion that too many people don’t know me as well as they think they do. I get angry, overwhelmed & stressed and I can *get ready for it, brace yourself* YELL. Believe it or not, I can speak at volumes above the sweet, bubbly voice I affect most of the time. I’m snarky & sarcastic & sometimes my husband gets really annoyed with my smart mouth. It takes a lot to piss me off, but once you do I’m on a roll. Just because I’m so nice and bubbly most of the time doesn’t automatically make me a door-mat.

So here’s the big reveal for random thing number seven: I HATE WHEN PEOPLE TALK ABOUT HOW SWEET I AM. It’s the equivalent to talking about how I have no backbone right in front of me because I just know that’s what people really mean when they say I’m sweet or can’t possibly ever get mad at anyone or yell. It’s the most backhanded compliment I’ll ever get even though I know most people don’t actually mean to be backhanded when they say it. I’ve never told anyone how much I hate it so now I’m telling everyone because…well, because it’s my blog and I can.


2 thoughts on “Awards, Kudos & Random Useless Facts

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