Click; Saving You $ One Poll At A Time

Surprise, surprise! This is not a car insurance commercial after all!

So, I’ve been thinking. (Dangerous ground we’re treading here, I know.)

Valentine’s Day. 

I want to offer a Special on the SpiffySnaps Photography website for V-Day, but there are so many things that I’d like to do and the majority of them are going to have a wait at least a year so that I can have money to invest them in order to pull them off successfully.

This year, I decided to see what everyone wants most (there’s a poll for that, but feel free to throw some ideas around in the comments. I love creative suggestions!) but I also want to find out if there is potential for an idea that an awesome friend of mine gave me today. I asked what people wanted on my FB Fan Page also & she offered some ideas that I could potentially use in a year or two:

Click to go to my Fan Pg & see the rest (assuming there are any) or offer your much appreciated opinion. Or you could "like" my page. Just sayin'. #ShamelessSelfPromotionOver

So what I want to know is this: Would you be up for an iconic couples themed photo shoot where you and your significant other can pretend to be your favorite couple for a while? It would be a unique thing to do since that’s something one would normally think of for Halloween and the couples could be real or fictional.(Come on Twilight, True Blood & Vampire Diaries fans…help me out here.) Also, even if you don’t live near me & probably wouldn’t be able to participate in such a shoot with me, I’d greatly appreciate your input nonetheless. Thanks!

For this coming month, here is a list of things I could potentially do. This will apply to Couple Shoots Only. (Although I may include Boudoir in this special, too.) Vote for the most desirable choice to you and that’s what I’ll aim for this February. Thanks for your time & your help. Y’all rock my mismatched socks 🙂 UPDATE: Sorry if the poll says 2011. That was a typo which I tried to fix, but is not posting (for me – you may see something different) so if you see 2011 – SORRY! Guess I’m still stuck in last year? If you see 2012…ignore me.


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