I’m Not As Bad As A Telemarketer

It’s Wednesday night & I’ve not posted at all this week. There’s something weird about that, right?

I’ll tell you what it is.

It’s work.

I’ve been up to my ears in busy lately. Band practice Sunday followed by a trip to NoWhereville to drop my brother off in Sketchy-Part-of-Town Blvd., the kids were out of school Monday, I had a photo-shoot Tuesday, Voice lessons today, editing tomorrow & Friday, a photo party Saturday – which is going to be a new & chaotic, but fun experience I’m sure (& one that will keep me editing like a mad woman).

I also created a new blog specifically for sharing SpiffySnaps Photography related news & photos. I thought it would be best to keep my business separated from all the personal mind poop I crap out here. Of course, one does have the option to enjoy the whole package by following both blogs, but that means enduring my sometimes often immature(ish) sense of humor & occasional ranting rather than just my photos & things that relate to that. No worries for those that love my quirky side! I don’t get too stiff & professional. If you’d like to find out for yourself, you can visit the photo blog HERE. It’s also linked up in my little menu doo-dad at the top of this page. I’m versatile like that. (Not to mention I like to make it easy for people to find me because my business desperately needs the attention & exposure.)

^^^Despite all of that ^^^ I need more busy. I need busy that pays in dollar bills & not just in hugs & kisses or other awesome, but still intangible, ways.

The fact that I enjoy pimping out my biz is part of the reason I’m posting today tonight (if you didn’t catch that by the shameless appeal above). See, I’m running a special for the upcoming consumerist holiday labeled “Valentine’s Day.” The day of love that everyone loves to celebrate by loving eachother lovingly. Some of us know it as that day where we are contractually (or otherwise) obligated to buy gifts for a certain someone & send our children to school with Valentine’s Day cards that will be promptly thrown into the trash after the kids have massacred the candy sticking to the center.

Either way, it’s a great time to get half-naked for your hubby & let me capture all that hotness on film (or memory card…but somehow that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it) so you can give him something that will *hopefully* make his jaw drop. (<—This is what it would be like if I went into marketing; scary & probably less than profitable. At least it wouldn’t be fake! :D)

There are limited spaces available (4 more to be exact) so if you’re in my area (GA! More specifically, Meriwhether County & the surrounding areas) & you’re interested in saving some money on your Ooh-La-La investment, please CLICK HERE. It tells you all the details (including the days I have left for shooting) & I’m practically begging at this point to get most, if not all, of those days filled. Not only do I desperately need the money (maybe that’s a dumb biz move, but whatever – you didn’t follow my personal blog because you thought I had great business sense. Besides, I think business is personal sometimes), but it really is a great deal. I’m posting a tiny bit of my work here, but you can see more in this slideshow 😀 (Also, there’s music attached to it so let me know if you can hear it if you decide to view the slide because I’ve been having some trouble with people not being able to hear the awesomeness coming through their speakers.)

No heart-covered boxers this year ladies!!

Boudoir is my favorite thing to shoot (besides the kiddos – I love kids more than anything!) because I genuinely enjoy helping people feel good about themselves & boudoir is one of those areas where you can see that really happen a lot more than any other style of photography.

^^^Did I mention that I just might be slightly good at it?? ^^^

And did I also mention that I’m begging just a little? Oh,we covered that already? Then I’ll shut up now 🙂

Seriously, I do have better business sense than this, but I’ve just gotten to the point where I’m tired of being all politically correct & professional ALL THE TIME (at least when it comes to SpiffySnaps). Sometimes, you just have to have a little fun & realize that there is a real person behind all this business stuff that has kids & bills, gets frustrated just like everyone else & is just trying to find a way to survive. I’m not always going to say & do exactly the right things, but all we can do is our best. This just happens to be what I’m best at. So make an appointment dag-nabbit!! (<—Still using my Southernisms! More on that later!)

Thanks for allowing me to brazenly sorta-kinda-accost you with the written word. It might get me nowhere, but it sure does feel good to get it all out.




2 thoughts on “I’m Not As Bad As A Telemarketer

  1. I wish I could afford to let you do my pictures. I think I’ll be bringing Court if she still has an appointment to do hers, so maybe I’ll get to see you at work! btw I loved the slide show, and the song choice was great! Burlesque was such a good movie; it’s one of those movies that makes you feel sexy even if you’re watching it in the middle of the night in raggedy pajamas with mud masque on your face. lol

    • Thanks for the comments Melissa! I understand about people not having money, trust me, so don’t let my desperate solicitation make you feel bad lol. I LOVE Burlesque, too!! The music is so great…I love everything about it. Plus, I kinda have a girl crush on Christina Aguilera 😉 She actually sings rather than whining through her nose & depending on her looks alone to get her what she wants.

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