That Girl Only Has One Oar In The Water…

It’s entirely possible that wordpress has the ability to travel through time.
Impressive, right?
I was checking out my wordpress blog stats recently and it said I had views for the next day already. Sweet!

So rather than consenting to the logical explanation that there are people viewing my blog in other countries & different time zones, *checks to make sure they’re not following me…* I decided that wordpress has successfully invented time travel.

I hereby declare that those of us using wordpress need to be handsomely compensated for our contribution to science considering that wordpress wouldn’t exist without its blogging little minions, hence – wordpress time travel would be rendered impossible.

I also want to see how many times I can use “wordpress” in a sentence. So far, three is the magic number. So….question? Does name dropping wordpress (a highly over-exaggerated) 50 times in a post merit a “freshly pressed” title?
We shall see…

Also, I blogged my Southernism in the title today. Click here to check.


3 thoughts on “That Girl Only Has One Oar In The Water…

  1. Let us know if it worked on WordPress to use the word WordPress many times over in a post on your WordPress Blog in order to get Freshly Pressed on WordPress’ site.

    LMAO!!!!!!! Clever you are…

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