Google Is A Mind-reader

Last week I posted Chick Troubleshooting; Volume 1 so this week I wanted to do something to educate the ladies. So, I’ll get right to it. You know how you read those little girlie magazines that recycle, reuse & republish the same articles every 10 days with a different author & a *slightly* different headline that still means the same thing as the one you read 10 days before?


Yeah, Cosmo – I’m talking about your lame dishrag of a magazine. The only thing it’s good for is the ocassional laugh & being hacked up for my scrapbooks. The majority of this craptacular waste of perfectly good trees is centered on sex and celebs with fake boobs, but there are some genuine relationship (and not sex) based articles in here surprisingly. Not surprising, however, is how insanely WRONG they are.

That one article you read about how to get your guy to talk about your relationship with you? Yeah, the one about sneaking in questions and making it a game.

Why Google? Just ask him!

You’re not sneaking in anything, it’s not a game and he knows what you’re doing. He’s not an imbecile; he knows that “what do you like best about me?” is a question that has the potential to murder his sex life with you if he doesn’t answer it just right which makes it *ding ding ding* a relationship question. I’m not saying don’t talk or ask any questions because you should. I’m just saying don’t try to be sneaky about it. Any guy who is worth your time (i.e – not a sissy coward afraid of talking about things that might make him slightly uncomfortable for a few minutes) won’t mind taking the time to talk about these things with you if you really need or want to.

We spend way too much time playing games & tip-toeing around the guy when in reality, I think a lot of guys would like it better if you were more up-front about your intentions. They hate mind-reading & more than that, they suck at it.

*Gasp!* You mean my boyfriend ISN'T Edward Cullen!?

So make it easy on the poor guy and just tell him as plainly as you can manage what your problem is, what you need to talk about, what you need from him, ect. It’s a good communication practice and something that I have to work on as well. If he can’t handle it, find someone who can.

That’s not so hard, right?

But before I go, allow me to complain about Cosmo again for just a moment since it’s my own humble opinion that it’s contributing to the rotted brain cells of female America. It’s not a women’s empowerment magazine like its publishers want you to believe. It’s more of a supremely innaccurate wanna-be man-manual. What is the majority of the magazine about? Sex & men. If it had anything to do with empowering women, every sentence in the thing wouldn’t be about how you can please him. It would be more centered around ways that women can be happier, feel better, be more accomplished, ect. without our world revolving around a guy & NOT every single way the writers can think of (which isn’t that many at all) that you can drive your man crazy. While his praise is always great & welcome, you’re not validated by your man; you are validated by how you feel about yourself. Can I also point out that you’re probably just fine the way you are so don’t get caught up in all these magazines that tell you you’re not good enough. That’s my main issue with all of them, but that’s a post for a different day.

He would rather know what you're thinking than to walk around like Lady Gaga with foil on his head. Although, these two look like they're having a great time...

Pick up a magazine every once in while that says something about how he can drive you crazy. He’ll probably appreciate it just as much as you will since it reduces the amount of mind-reading he has to perform & fail miserably at. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!


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