Someone Put A Drink In His Hand Already!!!

I am SO beyond tired of hearing this song:

Great song. Really, it is. And I DO like it. But I’m sick of it! It plays every 6 & 1/2 minutes on the radio and CMT is even worse with the video. I turn on CMT in the mornings for the music noise music because even though I love all types of music, the country channel is the only one that plays actual music…ever. MTV doesn’t play videos anymore because they’re too busy wasting brain cells thinking up the next craptastic reality show they can air that people will love to hate. Teen Mom? Really? I HATE that show (and have only ever watched one and I couldn’t even stomach it all the way through) & I know tons of people who say they hate it, but everytime it’s on they’re watching. What’s the deal!?

Back on topic:

Why do radio & TV stations wear out good music until you can’t stand it anymore?

Truthfully, I know the answer to that. It’s because it’s popular and people always want to hear it and even though you hear it 20 times a day because you have the radio on constantly, someone who is only able to listen on their lunch break doesn’t hear it that often when they’d probably like to. You could also make the argument that a song really isn’t that awesome if you get sick of hearing it because there are plenty of songs (mostly older ones) that I can listen to on repeat all day long and never tire of them.

This is one, although it’s not the original Etta James version, I love Christina Aguilera so it sticks out for me.

Christina is my absolute favorite female singer and I pretty much like everything she does. Even if it’s a completely dirty & conceited song like “Vanity” (posted below – please don’t play it if you’re in a work environment, around children or if strong, sexual & suggestive language offends you) I just love her. Her voice is amazing. She’s amazing. End of story.

And just because she’s amazing, too, here is Etta James’ “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” 🙂

There are a ton of others, but I could pretty much go on listing music I love all day long and I know only a handful of people who would sit through – let alone, enjoy – that so I’ll end with one more thing I will never get tired of.

Ok really…my love for that has absolutely ZERO to do with the song and EVERYTHING to do with this:

The actor who plays Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy. Charlie Hunnam. He doesn't look like a "Charlie" does he?

[Insert giant goofy grin HERE].


3 thoughts on “Someone Put A Drink In His Hand Already!!!

  1. Great Taste in Music and I agree, I get SICK of the same songs over and over and over again…I mean, there are SO MANY SONGS!!! Must we really play the same ones over and over and over again…yes, they are popular, and yes, like you say others want to hear it, but…ugh…LOL

    Either way, like I said, Great taste in Music!

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