Confessions; Kiss & Make Up.

This is my confession.

Okay, so THAT’s not my confession & I’m no Usher, but I did make a tiny boo-boo. Trust me, you won’t care about it and you won’t miss anything if you skip this post entirely. ….Buuuut then again….I could just be trying to get you to not read my confession because I don’t want you to know. Think about it. It’s genuis. Make a post and tell people not to read it and even if it’s just a recap of your digestive process, people will clamor to get their eyeballs on it. I don’t get it either, I just know it’s true. I also know it’s true that if you put anything sex related in the title (or better yet, just throw the word “sex” in there) and people will click on it everytime. I’m going to test that one out eventually.

So here’s my confession;

1.) I’ve not been using my Southernisms in my posts as promised! Oops! So I’m kissing up making up for it enmasse today.

2.) I promised to post some kind of relationship troubleshooting thingy ma jigger every week and honestly, as soon as I promised that, it was like I lost my mojo for it or something. I still plan to try, but really – it’s Thursday, [(TGITVDD AKA WISD OR Thank God It’s The Vampire Diaries Day, Also Known As:  Weekly Ian Somerhalder Day)] I  feel like 10 pounds of poo in a 5 pound bag (i.e: I’m sick) & the week is almost over.

My point: don’t throw me to rabid dogs if I don’t follow-through on that one (or if I follow through with…sucktacularity instead of spectacularity). I’m not Dr. Phil; I’m just a blogging photographer….Blogographer. Cheesy? Maybe.

So, it’s February and one day it’s colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra & the next day you’re sweatin’ like a hooker in church.

You might be thinking, “what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?” or “this post makes about as much sense as tits on a tree” but you already know the answer to the first one and you’re not thinking the 2nd one unless you’re a fellow Southerner. I’m trying to use these Southernisms in any way I can fit them in and since I’m already pretty random, I’m sure it’s not throwing you off that much. Unless, of course, you’re new to my particular brand of mind poop in which case, it would have been best to make your escape earlier in the post. You’re pretty much polluted now, even if you leave 😉

It takes a modicum of energy to run my fingers over a keyboard while senseless words appear across the screen, but as previously established – I feel like poo. As a result, this is a short post today. Some of you are breathing a sigh of relief right now, I know. I normally go on for days. Yes, I’m very aware of that and the fact that you lovely people still continue to read it makes me happy in my heart. ❤ Thank you! But I’ve said my peice today. Got my Southernisms in, got my TVD reference in, added some YouTube goodness that has little to do with the actual content of my post & I even managed to add a little nugget of real life with the whole I’m-sickly-and-out-of-energy bit. Mission accomplished for the day.

Nobody can call me an over-acheiver.


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