That’s Right – I’m A Rockstar

I am bubbling over with excitement today.

Why? Because I have become a celebrity. In a matter of hours because I am just that awesometastical.

Wait, what? Oh…I’m not a celebrity? *sad face* Or a rockstar? Well then…you can call my bubble busted.

I kid, I kid!

In actuality, I will never be a celebrity and that is more than okay with me. <—See how super humble I am? (I’m kidding again, but really…I’m not kidding…) However, I do have my very first recording thanks to my wonderful voice teacher, Tom. I’ve sung all my life, but never thought I’d really do anything with it other than sing in church or in the car right along with the radio because I’m not good enough for anything beyond that. But I’ve gotten so much encouragement with my singing (from various people and you all know who you are. You also know that I love you long time hard core & that you rock my mismatched socks!) that I decided to let my cousin, Jen (who sings as well – I’ve posted links to her music before) – hear a scratch (i.e – crappy a capella) recording one of the various songs I’ve written. She liked it so much that she sent it to Tom (who is also her guitar teacher). I got a lot of good feedback and was encouraged to record it so I did with no knowledge whatsoever of what I wanted to do with it or where I wanted it to go. I’m trying to build my skill and confidence up & part of doing that is sharing & getting it out there for people to hear.

It wasn’t recorded in a fancy studio with billion dollar equipment and I won’t be blasting to the top of any charts (unless you count my Mom’s #1 Favorites because that woman has been blowing facebook up with requests for people to listen. If you need a PR person, she’s your woman! Lol Although, she may be biased on my behalf) but I’m still proud of it. Tom and I worked really hard on this and I hope to be able to make more music in the future because I just love it so much. It’s healing and theraputic…And I think that I have a lot of music in me to share. Just wait ’til I come up with a good man hatin’ song…then I can not only pretend to be a celebrity, I can also pretend to be a badass! 😀

If you decide to listen, I’ll greatly appreciate it! And if you leave your thoughts in the comments, I’ll appreciate that even more =)


5 thoughts on “That’s Right – I’m A Rockstar

  1. “clapping” I really do like it. I laid here listening about three times…:) I think you need to keep going forward. There was something about it that reminded me of Janis Joplin.

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