Someone Hire This Girl

I don’t normally do short posts like this about one particular thing, but since I got the opportunity to start writing for The Vampire Diaries Fansite (linked in the sidebar) I’ve had nothing but TVD (and photography) on the brain. I promise I won’t limit my posts to all things fanged and blood-thirsty forever, but for now you’ll just have to deal with my obsessive obsessiveness.

I saw this TVD video on YouTube today after Julie Plec (one of the writers on the Vampire Diaries) tweeted about it.

Apparently, the girl who made it is only 15 years old. It’s really good! I almost cried! And then I remembered it was the Vampire Diaries and while that is still tear-worthy material, it’s also drool-worthy material. And wink-worthy and cold-shower-worthy.

And then I had to laugh because I can just see myself crying, drooling and winking all at the same time while taking a cold shower…


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