Posted this on my photo blog. I have somehow managed to incorporate my obsessiveness over vampires into my professional blog. How unprofessional, right? Oh well…at least people know what they’re getting when they hire me!!

SpiffySnaps Photography

Just wanted to share a couple photos of the furry members of our family.

This one you’ve seen because she sort of demands attention…I love my sweet girl. Sayte:


Isn’t she awesome?

We’ve recently added a new addition; a Siberian Husky named Saber. I wanted to name him Damon after a certain TV Show character that I’m obsessed in love with, but my husband wasn’t having that. I’m not sure why…look at the eyes. Compare and tell me it isn’t a perfect name. 😉

(Image pulled from,r:0,s:0 via Google Search.)

Meet Saber

Despite the fact that Saber isn’t remotely Irish, my son wanted him to wear the headband anyway. Whatever makes my kid happy makes me happy 🙂 Saber is 10 weeks old and the sweetest thing imaginable!! But still…we should have named him Damon, right?

Have a wonderful Saint Patty’s! It’s only a week away! How are you planning to celebrate?

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