Do you hate it when people write posts about how busy & overwhelmed they are? Yeah? Well then, you should probably get out of here because that’s totally what I’m doing.

Have you not noticed that I’ve been cheating on my blog here by reblogging posts from my SpiffySnaps Photo Blog? Yup, that’s me…the lazy cheater.

While googling pictures of lazy, cheating people this is what I got and it was too cute not to share. It helps that it kinda fits with my post 🙂

So why have I been neglecting you? It’s not intentional, I promise! Because neglecting this blog is like neglecting myself. It’s a form of therapy for me. I don’t like to dump my mind-poop on my family all the time because they’re subject to enough of my weirdness and I never want to be a burden on anyone. By posting here, I can relieve myself & those who don’t give a rat’s flea-bitten hind-end (<— Larry the Cable Guy! “Hine-Din”) about how I’m feeling, what I’m up to or what’s scrambling around inside that multi-colored, mystical forest of nonsensical nonsense I call a brain don’t have to stick around to read it. It’s a win-win. So the only way I wouldn’t be here is:

A.) I don’t have internet (which was the case when we moved from Germany back to GA) Or B.) because I’m too busy to take a bathroom break, let alone write an entire post detailing how I’m too busy to write an entire post.

I have a ton of things I could be doing right now that would probably be considered “more productive” by a societal standpoint, but I think anything that is going to save my sanity and keep me from doing hard prison time is a worthwhile pursuit. Let’s face it; I’m too pretty to go to prison! Okay, not really, but I am, however, too chicken to go to prison which makes this blog an asset to taxpayers everywhere. You don’t want to be making sure I get my 3 hot meals and cable TV everyday just because I couldn’t unload my baggage here and decided to instead, unload my new (awesome) gift on some unsuspecting, unfortunate individual who just happened to be on the wrong end of my psychotic breakdown, do you? Didn’t think so.

Now that I’ve managed to make a case for why my ranting benefits you, too, I guess I can get on with my post.

Where were we? Oh that’s right…busy.

Busy, busy, busy.

That’s a little misleading. According to that picture, I’ve been busy gardening or something…

Not true, but the symbolism is still the same. As many of you know, I started writing Vampire Diaries articles for The Vampire Diaries Fan Site. Who would I be if I didn’t insert a shameless plug here? (You can find the site by clicking the link above, but you can also follow me  – @SpiffySnaps – on Twitter. You can also follow the rest of the @Vamp_Diaries crew on Twitter with the following:  @MFDunn76 @TVDTweetz ★ @Miss_Lizarae★ @Phyrfli

★ @christinejnoury ★ @JacquelynBodmer ). *Shameless Plug Over*

So I wrote my first article (which I love having the opportunity to do!) and started on my second, but I’ve been unable to get very far with it. You all know I’m a photographer as well & I’ve been trying to kickstart my business here in GA again, which is very time consuming stuff. When you’re trying to run your own business, it’s like having a new baby; it takes up the majority of your time. I’ve had pictures to edit, new shoots to do, photos to share, website & blog maintenance, time spent marketing for new clients – not to mention I’ve been doing a few extra things photography/photoshop-wise to help out my family and also rabid TVD fans like myself. 😀

I’m not complaining in the slightest; I love the work – even the volunteer stuff. It’s fun (most of the time). Like any job, of course it can be tedious at times and I do have my moments when I’m just so tired of looking at a computer screen that I’d rather scrape my eyeballs out with a plastic spoon than filter through all those RAW images trying to figure out what to keep and what to discard, but it has nothing to do with the people whose photos I’m working on or how much I love my job. It’s just a fact of life; when you spend the majority of your time on one thing, you become restless and a little tired of it so you have to step back and take some breaks. Some people, clients in particular, don’t like it when you take breaks – especially if they don’t realize how essential those breaks are to your life and to the quality of your work.

This week, my breaks have consisted of band practice with my cousin (who’s album comes out in May! How awesome is that?) and practicing for voice lessons that I’ve unfortunately, but unavoidably missed the last 2 weeks in a row. These are two things that I love as well, but that do take up a great deal of my time.

I miss meals with my family and scramble around trying to find babysitters so I can go to band practice, which doesn’t make my hubs too happy I’m sure (even though he’s never complained about it once) and it does take a toll on me, too. Not that I’m complaining about it because, as I said, I do really, really love it; it’s another form of therapy for me that gets me through the week and I realize that with anything you love, sacrifices have to be made.

I just hate asking people to watch the kids all the time. I hate that my house gets unbearably messy because no one is here long enough to clean it; we’re just here long enough to mess it up and run out the door. It stresses me out! I hate that I only have enough well water to wash one load – maybe two loads – of laundry a day when I have 2 little girls that just can’t seem to stop peeing all over their clothes. I hate it even more that I’ve needed laundry detergent for 3 days and haven’t had the time to go get any. I hate not being home to make dinner…wait, what am I talking about?! What I mean is that I hate not being home to eat dinner with my family. I love not having to make it! 😀

When practice runs late, I miss bedtime. I miss story-time. I miss bath-time and I’m pretty sure that my kids haven’t washed in between their toes in a good three weeks. I hate that my kids might be missing out on school functions because I’m too tired to take them. Minion #2 needs to read to someone everyday so she ends up reading to the other 2 minions or to the dogs while the youngest minion is as happy as she can be to get away with doing nothing because she’s in pre-k and I don’t seem to have the ability to help her with anything lately that doesn’t consist of spreading Nutella on toast or getting dressed.

My oldest needs extra help in school that I’ve been too mentally exhausted to properly give him so instead he gets the lazy, half-assed version that goes something like this; mathblaster.com for help with math, starfall.com for help with reading, jumpstart.com for help with science…do you see a theme here? I stay so busy that I’m too tired to give my kids the attention that I’m used to giving them and that they are used to getting. I get behind on other responsibilities and commitments I’ve made and even though they always get done, it’s because I’ve sacrificed something important to me in order to make sure someone else’s wants and needs have been met. I’ve been short-tempered and impatient with my family, which is something I regret very much. So what do I do? I take a few things off my plate. I go with the hubs and get a new puppy! (i.e – put something else on my plate that takes my time and attention.)
Meet Saber

Surprisingly though, Saber has helped me keep my cool in the week that we’ve had him. Through the chewing, the housebreaking, the mild case of Alpha-Dog Disorder displayed by my Saint Bernard and the kids running around like wild animals chasing Saber and their complete inability to NOT pick him up and spoil him rotten – I’ve managed to be patient and deal with it all as gracefully as I used to. You know…when I only had one kid, no dog and tons of family around to help me with the one kid when I didn’t know what the heck I was doing.

I love Sayte and she does make me feel better sometimes, but she is essentially my husband’s dog. She is so attached to him that, while Sayte and I love eachother, James is the one she’d take a bullet for…or chew a leg off for. She’d growl and bark at an intruder for me, I’m sure and chase someone off for the kids. Enough to scare them maybe, but my husband? She’d tear someone apart for him, animal or human. And this is the sweetest, most well-behaved, mild-mannered dog you’ll ever meet, but she loves my hubs that much that I think she’d go through an instant personality change were he in danger.

Saber, on the other hand, I think is going to be MY dog. After only 2 days of living with us, he was already following me around the yard. I walk, he follows. He sniffs around and goes a few feet away from me, but if I walk away he’s right there chasing after me. Now we’ve had him a week and he whines when I’m not around and his eyes follow me everywhere I go even when someone else is holding him. Something about his fluffy fur and handsome face calms me even when  I feel like I’m about 1.6 seconds away from throwing the first thing I touch. Yeah, it’s another time-consuming responsibility that I’ve taken on. I know I’ll get sick of the housebreaking and teething part before long, but the payoff is so great that I don’t even care right now. While Sayte is my lazy baby that lounges around on the couch during the day while my hubs, brother and children are all gone, Saber is the one who is up feeling playful and demanding my attention by doing impossibly cute things that make me smile. I need that in my day so that I don’t get so frustrated with my other responsibilities and so that I remember to take a break from them for something that is completely frivolous and fun. He’s far too happy and cute to get annoyed with. It’s like having a baby in the house again, which is something that I always loved despite the lack of sleep and the excess bodily excrement…

*Side note: If I follow you and I’ve missed reading and commenting on your posts it’s nothing personal. I’ve just been unable to find time to read everyone’s posts in the last week. Slowly, I’m working my way through the emails & commenting so don’t give up on me 🙂 Even if all you get is a “like” – I don’t just hand those out at random – it means I really liked it!

So, that’s basically my whole story. Between the new puppy, the operation of my own business of which I am the sole owner and employee, maintaining blogs & websites, band practices, my kids & all the duties that come with those things (and yes, I do mean ‘those things’ as in ‘my kids’), other people’s kids who – for some inexplicable reason think my house is the place to be – the house itself & all the domestic duties that come along with it (creeping their way in and multiplying like termites do), spending time with the hubs & volunteering to do all this extra Vampire Diaries related stuff (that I wouldn’t give up in a million years), *insert deep breath here*  I’ve managed to rotate my “Things I Can Reasonably Do & Still Function Like A Human-Being” knob to its capacity. Probably well-passed its capacity, honestly, but I love everything I’ve signed up for so the only thing to do is just to wait and see if I can manage my schedule well enough to fit some new routines in there that will allow me to cope with everything better. I think I can do it, but I’m going to need a time-management coach or something. Anyone up for the job? It’ll be a challenge – You see how well I’ve managed the last hour. My fingers and eyes have done all the work while the rest of me seems to be becoming a permanent fixture on my couch.

That’s an unavoidable red flag that means it’s time for me to get up, get my house clean again so I can breath and relax in it for a few minutes before I start working on pictures, articles & graphics that I’ll have to knock a huge dent in before my kids get home in 6 hours. *Sigh*…

Rosie the Riveter comes to mind. (What Would Rosie Say? Hence the “WWRS” title) This is what she would say to me if she read this:

OR she might say “YOU HAVE BITTEN OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW!” but I like “WE CAN DO IT!” better so I’m sticking with that. Thanks for the pep talk Rosie!


6 thoughts on “WWRS?

  1. You used to live in Germany??? (Yes, that’s what I took from that entire post 🙂

    Also: So I take it you would recommend Vampire Diaries to a fellow grown woman? I recently decided that True Blood was worthy of my notice, and have since inhaled almost all four seasons in just a few weeks. Two more magical, vampy episodes to go, and then I’ll be back in withdrawals. So I thought I might check out V-D and just downloaded all the seasons… would you say they are better than T-B is? I have read that V-D is more for the teen audience and there is less graphic sex and gore (how do they expect to keep my attention???). I loved T-B so much that I can hardly conceive of a better show and I am loathe to be disappointed (I also recently tried to watch Gossip Girl because a co-worker had been raving about it for so long, godawful sucky rubbish I thought!!)

    One final note: this is your blog, feel free to bless us with your wit and wisdom on an ‘i-feel-like-it basis!!


    • Yes, I lived in Germany for 3 years and absolutely loved it! I miss it. A lot.

      I love True Blood as well! It was the first thing my husband and I were able to sit down and watch together that we both liked. No “but I promise I’ll watch (insert stupid, nearly plotless war movie title here) with you if you watch this with me!” necessary! 😛 And yes, The Vampire Diaries has been rated as more of a teen-based show, but I know plenty of adults who love it. The plots are compelling and there aren’t as many of them to keep track of as there are in True Blood. While I loved TB, I eventually got tired of trying to keep track of the stories for characters I didn’t give a crap about (like Sam’s brother and his white-trash family).

      Also, there’s plenty of eye-candy in The Vampire Diaries and plenty hearts being ripped out. It’s not as graphic as TB, but it’s on the CW and not HBO so what do you expect? Lol I highly recommend that you check it out and then google Thomas Galvin so you can read his recaps of the show, which are hilarious. With your wit and sarcasm, I think you could appreciate it.

      BTW – I’m with you on Gossip Girl. Stupid, craptacular crap…I can’t stand more than .002 seconds of that show before I feel the urge to vomit.

  2. I know how you feel, girl. I don’t have nearly as much on my plate, but in between school and church twice a week, plus keeping up with lesson plans, graded and needs-to-be-graded papers, work for the other class I’m taking outside of student teaching, and making sure my bills get paid and my car has gas in it on a daily basis.. I run myself ragged. I am fortunate that my dear mother loves me enough to do my laundry for me once a week while I’m out at the school, and Lord only knows when I’ll have time to clean my room.. but still.

    I can definitely relate to the occasional need to just get it out there, even if blogging seems like an unproductive waste of time. it helps me feel better which keeps me from being over-the-top stressed out.. I mean, if I snapped on one of these fifth graders and knocked them across the room I doubt I’d ever get a job.. lol. I kid, I kid..

    Anyway, I love reading your stuff. 🙂 hope you get everything under control soon!

    • God bless your mama! Lol I know mine would do it for me, but she’s got quite a lot on her plate as well. I’m glad to see you understand how I’m feeling…I’m thinking it wouldn’t be such a bright idea to wail on a 5th grader either, but on the bright side, maybe we could share a jail cell? Give us plenty of time to meditate and chill out lol.

      • LOL!! I think jail would get old after a while.. maybe not if it came with a weekly mani/pedi.. but still. 🙂
        and I know your mama would too, she’s so sweet (tell her I said hello!!) I guess I just have that benefit since I still live at home and mom doesn’t work anymore.. but I hate to ask her to do stuff like that, I’m just glad that she does when she can. 🙂

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