Please be aware that I am about to shamelessly promote my own ends 🙂

I started an E-Newsletter for my photography business so that I could offer subscribers exclusive discounts and news (because I love them and because I’m awesome like that.) I posted about it on my photo blog, but I’m largely more popular on this blog so I am reposting here in an effort to drive all my AMAZING, TALENTED, LOVELY (or HANDSOME) (flattery gets one everywhere, does it not?) followers from this blog over to the other one, too. I’m greedy like that. If you’re interested in seeing or sharing the post about the newsletter, you can visit this post. Thank you!

And, seriously, I just posted here to get the word out there a little faster. I genuinely appreciate every single person that enjoyed either blog enough to like, comment or click that little follow button 🙂 I’m incredibly grateful for all of you! And I meant it when I said you were all amazing & talented, but that certainly can’t hurt my chances of enticing you to do what I want, can it? Lol

Thank you for reading & for (possibly) indulging my shameless self-promotion. 😀


4 thoughts on “Beggers

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 Thankfully, my clients have graciously stepped up to do a lot of promoting for me, too which is the best kind! I need to give them incentive to keep up the wonderful PR lol

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