Go Ahead; Make My Day

I put some new pics on my photo-blog if’n ya wanna take a gander. Yeah…I just said that. You have to excuse me. We’re leaving to go camping today and my Redneck is coming out in full-force. It’s like there are several different versions of me that live inside the same body/brain & they tend to all come out to play for different occasions. (Which means it’s not at all like Schizophrenia, where all your personalities want to come out to play at the same time.)

I’ve got the professional part for my photography that tries not to be too professional & stiff. It’s hard to get nice natural reactions & expressions from your subjects if you’re afraid to have any fun yourself.

I have a Shy Me.

I have a Fun, Crazy Me. I like her best and I think, so does everyone else. She’s funny.

I have a Sarcastic Me. She likes to make appearances on a regular basis, but she has the most fun when she’s drinking Rum.

There most definitely is a What Is Wrong With These Stupid People!! Me who puzzles over…well…the stupid things that stupid people do and doesn’t understand why those stupid people are so unbearably stupid. Were you born like that or did your mama throw you up against a wall a couple hundred times?

Stupid People

Stupid people make me do this:

There is something else that makes me do that, too.

And I do mean that stupid, disgraceful, sorry-excuse-for-entertainment on MTV. I could go on a tangent about this, but I’ll spare you. I’m pretty sure the fact that I hate it with the fiery passion of a million hells has been made clear and those of you that know anything about me can already take a pretty accurate guess as to why I hate it. So can one of my favorite bloggers since I ranted about it in her comments section recently 😛

Note to Self…breath. Get back on track. *Breathes. Get’s back on track.*

There is a Mean Me. I’m finding that I like her more & more. There is a Sweet Me which I’m finding I like less and less. But she’ll always be there because there’s also a Stubborn Me that refuses to let any other parts of me die.

I have Mommy Me. Wife Me. Sister Me. Daughter Me. Aunt Me, both a Mean and a Cool version. I prefer the Cool version and so do my nieces and nephews.

There’s You-Definitely-Don’t-Want-To-Piss-Me-Off Me, but I don’t think she comes out to play nearly enough because it takes A LOT to get her to perk up. Say something about my kids or my parenting. I dare you.

And the gun brings me back to the Me that I will be sporting this weekend; Redneck Me who is really just Country Girl Me that likes the term Redneck even though I don’t exactly meet all the requirements that befit the title. No cell phone. No computer. No toilet. (I admit, that one scares me a little.) But I will have a gun, a knife, a very large bat & a thick southern drawl. I hope I get attacked by some horror movie creature from Wrong Turn because I intend to shoot the face off that thing barefoot & in cut-off shorts while holding a Jack & Coke in the other hand. I’d shoot the bugs if I thought I could hit ’em.

I supposed it’s time for me to stop entertaining Procrastinator Me and go pack. See ya when we get back!




6 thoughts on “Go Ahead; Make My Day

  1. The in awe of you me says to your talented writer you…simply great blog!!
    now on with the cut offs, twist tied shirt, alligator skin boots and go kill some of them ther bugs!!
    Have a great holiday!

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