Post I shared on my photo-blog regarding copyright information. It has some good information for both photographers and for clients.

SpiffySnaps Photography

Copyrights. It’s a popular (& often touchy) subject for artists of any kind. It’s also tricky for clients.

I read a great article from Rachel Brenke Photography on this topic recently. Though I’ve read countless articles & blogs on the very same thing, hers is the only one I’ve read so far that included some unique & helpful suggestions as to what we can do to not only educate people, but politely remind them about copyright terms & conditions. I want to reiterate what she said, but I also want to add a few points of my own based off of experiences I’ve had since I’ve started heavily promoting & building my own business. My hope is that this will be informational and user-friendly for both photographers and their clients.

First, we have to understand what a copyright is exactly & when the laws regarding copyrights come into play. As…

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