Peanut Butter Cheese Balls: IN YOUR FACE!

I have tons of camping trip photos that I’m going through (trying to decide which ones to share so I don’t overload you), but for now, I wanted to share our Easter photos. I didn’t get the traditional pretty shots on Easter of Minion #1 dressed all spiffylike in his suit (probably because we didn’t have the money to get him one this year so he wore jeans and button down shirt instead. He liked that way better!) I didn’t get minion #2 & #3 in their beautiful dresses looking like little porcelain dolls. Nope, nuh uh, not me! What did I do?

I spread peanut butter all over their precious little faces and let them throw cheese balls at eachother. That’s right. I let them change clothes, get messy and throw snack foods at eachothers’ faces. I am the coolest mom ever, thank you very much. For your entertainment (and I admit, for mine as well) here is the photographical proof that I hope to someday use in the sabotaging of some dating relationship of theirs that I’ll hope to annihilate (and that I’m positive won’t work if they’re anything like me & their daddy!).

First thing’s first – The cheese balls.


Gotta show what they looked like!

Minion #1


Minion #2…I don’t quite know what to think about her…lol



Minion #3:
The one who invented the cheese-ball-booger.

After attacking his sisters with cheese balls that rarely stuck, my son decided to throw them at the crazy camera lady.


Shortly after that, it was time to clean up, but you are crazy if you think I was letting their melty, peanut-buttery faces anywhere near my house. So we used the hose.

Which my daughter then turned on me:
First cheese balls…now this.



Finally, Minion #3 decides she actually wants to clean off her face.


Nope, changed her mind!
She decided it would be a much better idea to drink the water instead. Hey, at least she’s thinking healthy!

Note to self (and everyone else): Never let the 4 year old have control over the hosepipe.

Or, if you like the redneck water fountain, do let the 4 year old have it:

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed it! Though, I’m pretty sure you didn’t enjoy it quite as much as we did 🙂

For larger versions of the photos, please check out my Photo Blog.


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