Furry Cuteness

It seems I’m all about The Cuteness lately. This time, it’s of the furry variety.
My Sayte-Baby! Isn’t she so beautiful?

And this is my handsome guy…Saber.

Looks like a smartass, right? That would be because he is.

Here he is again being ridiculously cute & possibly having an identity crisis:

Dear Saber,
You are not a cat.
With Love,

And here’s Sayte being ridiculously cute. I can’t decide if she looks like she’s been caught doing something bad or if she looks pleased with herself. What do you think? Is this a “Ruh-oh Raggy” look or a “look at me, I’m cute & sweet!” look? Maybe it’s her Mildly Annoyed Look.

Sayte's brain: What does this kid think he's doing? Doesn't he realize I can sit on him and he's done for? Eh...maybe I'll just put him in a head-lock.

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