Aesop Is My Homeboy

My recent posts from Tuesday & Wednesday actually had a sort of Aesop’s Fable thing happening so I’m here today to conclude my point. And yes, I actually have one that isn’t entirely silly. Imagine that!

To sum it up for those of you too lazy to read the previous, surprisingly short (coming from me) posts:

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger unless:

  • It’s a number of things that make you weaker. I should have put pneumonia on that list.

If it does kill you…well, that’s unfortunate. I hope you’re right with God.

If it kills you AND makes you stronger, that means it was a vampire. In which case, I will be hopping on the first train to Mystic Falls because if vampires are real, I don’t think it’s that big a stretch to assume that a supposedly fictional town is real. That would indicate that Damon Salvatore really exists, in which case I must find, hogtie and marry him immediately. (How does one go about hogtying a vampire?)

Based off this recap alone, only Tuesday’s post was Aesop Fable material. The rest of it is just useless, nonsensical mind-poop that has the potential to get me committed with a disturbing amount of haste unless you actually read the post and then you know my point there was to stop being so afraid of everything! Anything can end your life at any moment so take all the opportunities you can because you might not get them again. But everybody knows this already (whether they do it or believe it) so that wasn’t my central point.

You wanna know the real purpose here? (It’s my blog; I can say “wanna” if’n I wanna.)

What doesn’t kill you doesn’t necessarily make you stronger so what does it do? I’ve come up with something. Feel free to disagree or to use it whenever appropriate; whichever.

What doesn’t kill you makes you…live longer.

My superior genius led me to that conclusion so don’t feel bad if you didn’t think of it first. It’s true isn’t it? And so profound, right? What doesn’t kill you does, in fact, mean you live longer. But consider this:

Living Longer = Getting Wiser (Unless you’re Gina.)

Getting Wiser = Being Smarter

Smarts = Knowledge

Knowledge = Power

Power is just another for word for …


So maybe what doesn’t kill you does make you stronger…if you let it.


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