I just finished editing a very long session after consuming copious amounts of caffeine, both in the form of diabetes sweet tea & chocolate so now I feel very, very wired & very, very silly. I would also like to use the word “very” twice everytime I type it, both for effect & also because I find it annoying when the only adverb people can think of is “very” & since I’m feeling silly, I guess I want to annoy myself. I annoy myself with typos on a very, very frequent basis & I almost sent a very, very professional email with a particularly humorous typo in it. I’m glad I caught it, but I thought I would share it here since it made me chuckle.

Trying to type “facebook” I ended up typing “faceboob” instead. It would have been very, very bad to send that email off to a couple I just did photos for…

But it did get me thinking –

How many silly words can one make just by replacing the last letter of “facebook?” Read these out loud and if you don’t laugh at least once, please never, never visit my blog again. (I’m kidding – I love you! Please stay!)

  • Facebooa – I maybe that’s what Italian ghosts type when they’re trying to scare you on your Wall?
  • Faceboob – We covered that one already & if I have to explain why it’s funny, please never, never visit my blog again. I’m serious this time.
  • Facebooc – Instead of face-book I guess you would pronounce that “face – boo – cah” I imagine this is how Dracula pronounces it.
  • Facebood – That’s the facebook equivalent to having rotten tomatoes & other consumable items thrown at your head.
  • Facebooe – That’s neither pronounceable or funny.
  • Faceboof – Spoof of Facebook? Lame, I know. But it’s all I got.
  • Faceboog – There are so many possible options for this one, but I’m going to put a personal touch on it. A friend of mine has a child whose nickname is Boogie [pronounced with a hard “G” like “Booj-ee”] and we sometimes shorten it to “Boog” [Booj]. If facebook hasn’t been replaced by teleporting & holographs by the time he gets old enough to have a facebook, I really hope that he calls himself Faceboog. [Facebooj]
  • Facebooh – ?
  • Facebooi – This is probably how Avril Lavigne would spell it. Skater Boi, anyone?
  • Facebooj – Yeah, we’re back to that.
  • Facebool – I wish I was replacing the “b” along with the “k.” I would love an opportunity to say the word “facefool.”
  • Faceboom – This is what happens if you step on a land-mine.
  • Faceboon – If Daniel Boone had a Facebook…
  • Facebooo – Now the ghost is being extra scary!
  • Facepoop – This time I replaced the “b” with a “p” on purpose because…who wouldn’t laugh at “facepoop?”
  • Facebooq – Funny…it could actually be spelled that way & still pronounced correctly.
  • Faceboor – 
  • Faceboos – Multiple ghosts? Or multiple people just hate you.
  • Faceboot – 
  • Faceboou – Damn French people.
  • Faceboov – I’m not creative enough to make something out of this.
  • Faceboow – A future Rapper name.
  • Faceboox – There’s probably an xxx-rated site named this. I’m not brave enough to search and find out, but you deviants can let me know, mkay?
  • Facebooy – This works for those teenagers who are obsessed with using multiple unnecessary letters in their words. I don’t get it either…some things they’re too lazy to type out so they short hand it, but it’s like they recycle those letters into other words where they aren’t needed…I feel another post coming on.
  • Facebooz – This has to be my favorite. 😛

    Call Facebooz! We deliver!

Buh-bye! I’m off to eat Nutella on a butterknife now…And no, I’ll not be suing anyone under the justification that I didn’t know it was bad for me because I, unlike some (unbearably stupid, gold-digging) people, know how to read the label.


6 thoughts on “Facewhaat?

  1. Faceboog should totally have something to do with boogers. Gross, yet funny. And my random brain saw faceboob and thought, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if computers saw typos and replaced them with other inappropriate yet highly amusing slang terms?” So for faceboob, instead of fixing it to facebook, it would change it to motorboat.
    Don’t ask. I have no idea why or how my brain works the way it does. It seemed funny at the time.

    • I thought about boogers immediately when I saw it! Great minds, I tell you…
      And the motorboat thing is right on. If only my computer were as twisted as you & I life would be perfect! I won’t ask why your brain functions the way it does. Trust me, I understand. Some incredibly odd things have run through my brain at times. It’s why I don’t do drugs. If I’m this crazy now there’s no way the world could handle me on crack.

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