Dear Females; Part 2

Back again with Dear Females; Part 2. If you dare, you can find the whole post in its entirety HERE. You can find PART 1 from yesterday HERE if you like reading in shorter  installments. Yesterday I claimed that girls/women/FEMALES have ALL the POWER. All the power in the world. As in we control everything.

*Before I back up my bold claims, however; I need to make a short disclaimer:

I will be speaking about girls and guys in a very typical, general sense. I would never be so cocky and presumptuous as to apply all the same character and personality traits to every boy/man, girl/woman in existence so please interpret what applies to you for yourselves and leave the rest. And don’t send me hateful emails detailing how I’m being unfair to the sexes by saying that every one of you is just alike because I am not and I will not. But it’s impossible to speak specifically on every possible scenario so I’m sticking with statistics & stereo-types. (<—say that ten times fast.) Also, I’m going to get into some heavier stuff that you might not

A.) want your kid to read or

B.) want to read if you are a kid that can’t read the word “sex” without blushing, let alone say it aloud.

If you’re under the age of, I don’t know…15, unless your parents have given you permission to read this, please leave now. If your parents get pissed that you read this without their permission, I want everyone else here to be witnesses that I told you to leave. Plus, it’s not my fault no one is monitoring what you’re doing on the computer or your cell phone or wherever you happen to be reading this from. So…*shrugs*

*End Disclaimer.

Dear Females;

So…why do you have all the power? (I wish I could see the show of hands and girls bouncing up and down: “Pick me, pick me! I know, I know!” lol)

It’s because most boys, once they get to a certain age, only want one thing.

It’s in your pants & I am not talking about your lip-gloss honey.

It is yours and no one else’s. Let me be clear: YOU OWN IT. YOU CONTROL IT. You decide what happens with it; no one else can tell you what to do with it. It is YOUR CHOICE. So, how does it feel to know you have complete control and power over something? (And because I feel like being Captain Obvious today, the something that you have complete control over? Your own body…especially that part of your body which resides below the belt! Oh and boys…let’s not forget boys. You totally have control over boys.)

Your parents get to set your curfew, tell you that you have to go to school even when you faked the most believable fever ever, hound you about your room and your school work. Your teachers get to micro-manage your every move at school & even when you’re off at a friends house, that friends’ parents are probably spying on everything you do – or at the very least – listening to it all. There are few moments that you – and you alone – own and there are even less things that you have complete control over.

Revel in it. Enjoy it. But most importantly – DON’T WASTE IT ON SOME IGNORANT BOY who will end up leaving you feeling worthless. You’re important and valuable and irreplaceable. NEVER let anyone entice you to believe otherwise. Don’t fall for their pretty words; look at their actions as they speak so much louder. Give yourself and that ignorant ape-related boy time to grow up and mature before you jump into more mature relationships than you’re ready for. You might have all the power & be able to own the world, but that’s nothing if you don’t know how to use & control that power.

More on that in Part 3 tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Dear Females; Part 2

  1. I’m gonna have to disagree on one small issue- I think every tween/teenage girl from the age of 12 and up should read this. My own daughter is 14, and some of her peers (and sadly one of her friends) should have had this knowledge a year or two ago. They grow up too fast- they should know this before the mistakes have been made.

    I myself will be sharing this with my daughter.

    • I agree with that actually. My oldest is only 8, but I’ve already introduced them to certain ideas about how they should treat the opposite sex/allow themselves to be treated, ect. We haven’t had the full on sex talk yet, but I plan to do it earlier than most would only because they grow up at a frightening rate & I think communication and knowledge are the best things we can give them to help them prepare for all the choices they’ll have to make & things they’ll encounter way earlier than we would like.

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