I’m Pretty Sure I Just Threw Up A Little…

I will vomit if I ever have to be subjected to this atrocity mistakenly labeled as music again. Go ahead…click the play button…I dare you.

Nothing like the threat of torture to perk people’s curiosity.

I could go on and on about why I hate it, but anyone with half a brain in their head & a modicum of self-respect already knows why. I don’t feel compelled to explain it to the rest of you frivolous, insipid airheads.


10 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure I Just Threw Up A Little…

    • My cousin suggested I listen to it when I was looking for some music to get me motivated one day. I knew from the title it wasn’t my cup of tea so I didn’t waste any effort looking it up. She then posted it on my facebook wall where I experienced the pure misfortune of pressing “play.” In order to understand how truly disgusted I am, you have to understand my cousin. Basically, she’s an 18 year old brat who has been handed EVERYTHING her entire life. If she wants something, she gets it. Simple as that. She measures love by how much money is spent on her & I can’t stand to be in her presence for more than 2 minutes. I shouldn’t say that so publicly, but I honestly just don’t give a crap right now. :/

      • Wow!! Yeah, people like that disgust me as well. I remember you posted a status a while back about finding some music to listen to or something. That song was terrible though.. it gives girls the totally wrong idea of what a relationship should be like! Sickening!

      • I think about that too, and it sucks. It’s pretty scary how much some kids know and do at very young ages, and of course there are more parents these days that just don’t give a crap about what’s going on with their kids.. It’s all very sad.

  1. Oh, dear…that’s just awful. And awfully disturbing. I’m with you. This world is in quite a sad state. Gosh…I bet you anything those lyrics haunt my dreams tonight. I’m never taking one of your dares again!

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