Kings, Queens & Mermaids

My family & I recently visited West Point Lake in LaGrange, GA. I got some great shots! I was initially trying to share this on my SpiffySnaps photo blog, but apparently Bethylicious is jealous of SpiffySnaps & was begging to be blogged on again because somehow, even though I’m sure I clicked SpiffySnaps, here I am. I’ll just reblog this there.
I have to share my favorite first. I love the calm feel of this one & as soon as we close on our new house, I’m definitely ordering a canvas of it to hang in our sun room!

This is my son. As someone on my facebook page aptly pointed out, he’s probably thinking “Can I pee here?”

Minion #2 who is literally shouting “I’m the queen of the world!” She’s so hard to get photos of sometimes so unfortunately, while this isn’t the only one I have of her, it’s the only one (that I’ve come across from the day so far) that I thought was really good. When I finish going through the photos, maybe I’ll have more to share.

But her brother, Minion #1, did it first…

The Cuteness (formerly known as Minion #3) is determined to learn how to swim:

Look! He’s a shark!

This is the look The Cuteness wore for all of 3 seconds after she discovered that her cousin was not only pretending to be a shark, but his objective was to grab her leg & scare the bejeesus out of her:

And now I think she must be splashing him…

Minion #1 with what he called a “Starfish leaf.”

Some water shots:



And The Cuteness pointing at…something. This is how I would look if I ever saw Ian Somerhalder. Perhaps she saw a mermaid in the water… 🙂


5 thoughts on “Kings, Queens & Mermaids

  1. Beth I love the pictures! All the minions are so darn cute! Great blog and flawless photos! Love ya!

  2. WOW 🙂 Some great pictures of precious family moments and nature you have shared 🙂 If you have some time, do come by my blog : I am not a photographer, but I am a travel enthusiast, a coffee lover, an avid reader and foremost an indie author. My ebook 12 Precious Anecdotes from Life is released in Amazon and I am pretty excited about it. It tells about celebrating life and has some stories that share the marvels of nature and why we should respect and love nature always. Its a fiction collection of 12 short stories. I could connect with your blog post, so I am sharing the book link with you – Have a great week ahead! Thank you

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